Recipe edition, Jun Tanaka


Hi My name's Jane Tanaka. The ninth. Restaurant in London, say my recipe is a perfect summer simple recipes, rasberry and buttermilk Fuji. Cliff fifty is a traditional French baked custard dessert from limousin region and it's fantastic recipe because once you need a basic recipe, you can adapt it with all different kinds of fruits say it works well with raspberries traditionally with cherries can figs apples bananas. Once you know this, it's really easy to adapt it. All the seasons of the year. So mine is a rasberry and buttermilk cliff eighty. said to make this dish, take an ovenproof dish butter it likely sprinkle it with Kosta sugar take your rasberries and cover the base of the ovenproof dish to make the customer makes take three jokes to hold legs. One hundred, thirty grams of Kosta sugar one vanilla seeds only and whisk that together to make Salvia. Then add twenty five grams of plain flour. Mixed in now, traditionally, this food is made with double green, but I like to use buttermilk because it has a slight acidity which helps to cut through the richness of the did say take three hundred milliliters of milk and wis that into the eggs, the sugar and the flour. Once that's done, pour the mixture over the raspberries and you should still be able to see the Roz rasberries floating on the top of the custody and bake it in a preheated. Evan. At one hundred, eighty degrees centigrade for fifteen minutes until it's Gordon Brown on the top come. When you push the improve dish has a slight gentle wobble. Take it out sprinkled with icing sugar. and. So with a big dollar of fresh.

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