Tornado watch, severe thunderstorm warning issued for parts of New York


Craig Allen has his five day forecast. There's some serious wind gusts in these storms this afternoon. It's serious is the is the Did we just lose the crack that you did? You actually did. And I don't even have any thunderstorms here. Sounds like very Reiter kicked in the You're good, Very interesting. Okay, well, what I was going to say it's serious wind for sure out there. Ah, the Augusta are being reported, is between 65. Almost up to 90 MPH with some of the storms is they're moving through parts of the Hudson Valley as well as Connecticut. And they are dropping southeastern, about 50 60 MPH. There is a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for for Suffolk County, eastern Suffolk County till 5 15. And there is a new severe thunderstorm warning in effect for Orange, Putnam in Rockland and Westchester till 5 30 that takes over the one that's in effect until 5 15 because another batch of showers and thunderstorms right behind that Is moving on in. So these storms are extremely wicked, in some cases, very nasty and they're going Tio continue on down through about between now and 89 o'clock or so this evening. The actual tornado watch that's in effect for our northern and eastern suburbs ends at eight PM the with the weather should start to die down by then. Friday. Some sun very warm and humid, with a chance of a thunderstorm in a few places by late day or Friday night again, 84 to 88, but not like this Saturday. Mostly cloudy with showers developing tropical downpours from the remnants of Laura. That's a possibility is if we need something more and stay connected with the all teas five day forecast. I'm trying to stay connected. Becoming mostly sunny Sunday and Monday with eyes between 75 80 degrees. I guess I did stay connected because as soon as the power came back anyway, 88 degrees right now in the city and yeah, let's not left. This is a severe weather night for sure. For the next few hours.

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