Milwaukee Bucks to finish off the Orlando Magic.


It's not going to be a conversation about Damian Lillard and his injury. It's not going to be whether or not Paul George's stepping up in the playoffs because today As I'm sure you very well know, basically, ah, lot of sporting events today. Went to hell. They did not take place and I was waiting and must have been around four o'clock for 30, I guess. Watching my good friend Chris smiles on N ba TV, and I'm expecting the Milwaukee Bucks to finish off the Orlando Magic. That's what I'm expecting. And we had part of this conversation last night because we've heard from the past several days. Fred Vanvleet Marcus Smart members of of the Toronto Raptors, and and also Boston Celtics made it clear We may not play on Thursday. This is something that we discussed. Well, we got it, Ah, whole lot sooner because the magic will warming up on the court. And who wasn't there? The Milwaukee Bucks And slowly, But surely the news just kept trickling out that the books were in the locker room. That they were not going to play and that there was not going to be a game between the Bucks and Magic. It was done is postponed. We didn't get a statement. We didn't necessarily get a word. We heard that the players would not be speaking. And then the Houston Rockets in the Oklahoma City Thunder. They just got to their facility to play their game later on close. It's a 6:30 P.m. eastern time. Found out that they would not play. We saw footage very clear of players Association president Chris Paul With what looked like a returning. Russell Westbrook looked like they had a conversation. That game was called. And in the night game, which would have been going on right now between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Portland Trail Blazers. That game was called In the end, Bahia made it clear that these games will be rescheduled. Well, we sure as hell don't know that.

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