James Baldwin was a guest. So his poet Amiri Baraka.


Upon a time in America, there was a TV talk show that was unapologetically black. James Baldwin was a guest. So his poet Amiri Baraka. Louis Farrakhan. Musicians like Earth, Wind and Fire and Patti Labelle performed it was 1968. There were platform shoes and big Afros and a perspective that existed nowhere else on television. The show was made by black people for black people. It was called Soul exclamation Point, and it was hosted by a mild mannered man named Ellis Haislip. His story and the story of the show is now being told by his niece Melissa Haislip in her new documentary, Mr Soul, and She joins me now, Welcome. Hi, Madeline. Great to be here. Thank you so much for having us Well, great to have you along with Emmy Award winning actor Blair Underwood, who is the executive producer and narrator of the film. I, Blair. Hi, Madeline. Thank you for having me and us. Well, it's good to have you all right. So most. How did Ellis come up with the idea for this show in the first place? Well, he really wanted to do something that was unique. For New York and unique for New Yorkers. You know, the late 19 sixties were both tumultuous and also progressive, and and it was a difficult time to be a black American for anyone. Should be existing at that time. But I think the idea was that to give voice to The underserved to give voice to Poets and activists and people of the African

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