Philadelphia city treasurer Christian Dunbar fired over embezzlement, sham marriage allegations


Following for you. Philadelphia's treasurer is arrested and given the boot from his position. A wide open your city Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe explains. Christian Dunbar became treasure just over a year ago after three years as deputy treasure and five years as a financial advisor at Wells Fargo before that, U. S attorney William McSwain says the charges go backto anyways it Wells Fargo defendant engaged in a scheme to embezzle $15,000 from two different bank customers, McSwain says. Dunbar also married a U. S citizen in 2006, while a student at Temple University on Lee as a route to citizenship, then divorced her in 2016 after becoming a citizen. McSwain says his current wife did the same thing, but neither she nor the alleged jam spouses were charged. A city spokesman says Mayor Kenny was unaware of the investigation. A statement from the mayor says the inspector general will conduct a thorough review of the office to resolve any concerns about transaction storing Dunbar's tenure. Dunbar oversaw hundreds of millions of dollars in bond sales at City Hall, Pat Lobe Y. W News radio, A Helping hand family

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