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What has changed against the best interests of smartphone users is the nature of today's threat landscape. It is far more active than ever. So smartphone users need to get all the help that they can get from their Os. Okay. So to this end, we now have android eleven, which brings billions of its users those who can upgrade and all those who purchase android eleven devices in the future more control over their security and privacy than they've had before and yes, it's unfortunate that such control is necessary but it's better to have it I would say the not at this point and you know. It's not like super intrusive anyway. Okay. So what's new and android eleven? One time permissions android eleven get a useful feature that IOS has had for some time. This allows users to grant APPs single use access to their devices, more sensitive permission such as location, microphone, and camera. We're seeing variations of this on different platforms. For example, what permission might be semi permanent users will be reminded after a while that such and such an APP still has such and such a permission and asked whether they. The APP, should retain it or not, which is you know sort of a nice compromise between immediately removing it and and sort of being. Kinder and gentler. So. android eleven will now autonomously revoke permissions. in addition to having the single use android eleven has the ability to autonomously revoke permissions for long unused APPs. It could be a bit of annoyance though those permissions can always be granted but this is sort of part of working to keep the casual user more safe while attempting to minimize the impact of enforcing that safety in general. We'll be talking here about this notion of minimum required permissions that that's always a good idea. We've talked about how firewalls flipped from once blocking, known a problem ports to blocking everything and only opening the ports which are known to be needed to have. To Be Open. In what I think is a huge win for android eleven. DOS will also be getting incremental updates. Google has increased their plug and play stores integration on Android Eleven, allowing those devices to directly download and install critical os security patches as modules instantly, just like an APP from Google servers. We we we talked about the plan for this a long time ago. The idea that the the US would get modular is and the Google. Would not have to force you know these. It would only be made available through the long oem loop to to a third party and hopefully to the end user but rather be delivered as part of the APP store. You know much more like the apple model has always been and that's now here. So boy I think that's going to be a huge welcome improvement. And it would sure be nice for everybody to be able to get eleven. I'm not sure you know how far back. Eleven will be made available to. US But. Once you get there, you have a chance of being kept current, which is. Fabulous. Also it tightens up an APPS right to obtain location information when it's in the foreground versus moving into the background, we'll talk about Ios, which has done some interesting things. There as as well when an APP requests permission to access the user's location android eleven initially, only grants for ground location permission that is while the APP is in use actively if the APP additionally desires access to location information while it's in the background, such APPs will now be required to produce a separate and independent permission request does not all just lumped together into location services and granting the permission is not as simple as quickly clicking. Yeah. Okay. Whatever No. Now to enable background location access users must go to a settings page and set an allow all the time option for the APPS location permissions and even to obtain such permission setting google will now be requiring their APP developers to explain why their APP needs background location access at all just wanting it just because that's no longer going to be enough in order to get it. So a bunch of, nice, improvements in android. Eleven. It's clear. They're all GONNA help improve user security. Especially, the from the store updates which I just think that's GonNa make a world of difference for so many for the security of so many android users. Yes there's more for the user to do it requires more. Involvement from the user but I think that's that's necessary as we go forward. And as for Iowa's fourteen. The list of. UPDATES and improvements I scanned through it. It is overwhelming. And, as you know being IOS user myself, I'm beginning to feel more and more as though I barely know how to use advice in my pocket, Oleo. Crazy I saw you jumping around A. Those it's yeah with my customizing things and locking things in place and it's like, okay, I mean it really it's not the phone that Steve Jobs gave us all those years ago. The Nice thing is you don't actually have to do any of that stuff and most important improvements are what you already talked about same with an Android, which is it now pops up warnings and let you know what's going on so and you'll get that matter. What

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