Woman tased after refusing to wear mask at football game



A A second second woman woman has has now now being being reportedly reportedly charged charged after after the the incident incident at at the the Middle Middle School School football football game game in in Hocking Hocking County. County. This This week. week. Police Police in in Logan Logan say say Yvonne Yvonne Coil Coil er interfered when a school resource officer was trying to take Alicia kits off the property at the football game on Wednesday. Kits allegedly refused to leave. After being told she had to wear a mask to be there. She said she has asthma. Then she was accused of resisting the officer. Video shows that officer using a Taser before cuffing her and taking her out of the stands. She's charged with criminal trespass and resisting Oilers accused of obstructing official business. I'm Jack Crumley, Meanwhile, the lawyer for the woman arrested originally for refusing to wear her face mask at the game, said that the school district had a miss applied the law when they arrested her kid's attorney, Marissa Thompson, claims that Logan Hocking local school district, misapply, the law haphazardly and violently

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