The Barrett Brief Republicans Cannot Wait To Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory - burst 1


Well. My my opening is about how Republicans cannot wait to snatch defeat. From the jaws of victory, but we have to address the Midi in the room. That's one Mitt Romney and Yeah. He's making quite the waves this morning because he made the statement he he even sent a little statement with red underlines everything. About how he is going to follow the Constitution and precedent in considering the president's nominee, I? He's going to vote for nominee on the floor cocaine Mitch has his. his votes. It's time to fill the seat as the HASHTAG and the chant has gone from the Republican side and as I provided evidence yesterday that the Democrats you know are more than happy to support the idea filling the seat at least they were in two. Team of course, there's a lot more hand wringing coming from the left about constitutional crisis and all these other kinds of nonsensical catch phrases that are being peppered out. To try and intimidate. Potential senators, they could peel off thirty peeled off to peel off Murkowski and Collins. which I mean can they just go is independence who are center, right? Guess I'm really tired of trying to call them Republicans because they're not. But they those two are very quickly but Here's the problem. Collins I get I get collins because she's in Maine and it's and it's kind of weird up there. especially, the northern part of Maine that doesn't even get. It's electrically from the US. It gets it from the Canadians. Look it up. And It's just a weird place. It's beautiful I love the the seat parts of Maine and it's absolutely gorgeous place but it's a little weird up there. I'M NOT GONNA lie. So her going neutral I get it. She's getting hounded at least in the polls in her race, and this is an attempt to try and push yourself from trump. Murkowski I don't get because she should have been voted out of that seat by now. She did she does not seem to represent the interests of the people in in that state. And she might suffer for it in the next election for this regard, which brings me admit old Midi old Massachusetts Michigan Midi who now lives in Utah. Folks this is just a a statement of convenience. Mitt Romney legs being called the Senator Mitt Romney likes his seat in the Senate Mitt Romney likes going on the morning talk shows as a senator in Congress. The People of Utah. The, good people of Utah. WOULD RUN MITT ROMNEY OUT If he decided to play any of the games that he was playing before. K Utah's a solidly red. State is a very pro trump state, and if Mitt Romney did the hamming hauling or let's call if you went flake right if he flaked out, which is double because the actual term flaking out in the Jeff Flake if he flaked out on this. The People of Utah would run him out to somewhere else even if he is a mormon that wouldn't even cover for him at that point.

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