Breath work to Heal Our Heart


I want to introduce you to the breath work pattern that we are going to be using during this journey. Remembering that this breath is for transformation it's for release for letting go. It's different from relaxation and it is more continual. It is deeper and it is more profound. So find yourself lying down on a yoga mat or on your bed wherever you find it is most comfortable for you. Keeping your legs stretched out in front of you and less you struggle with lower back pain. Then you're free to bend them up. Having your palms facing upwards. And just let yourself. Be At feel into the ground. Having. Your eyes closed palms facing up. So important before. That we just check in with our hearts. Open our hearts. I love to say to myself before I breathe. Thank you I love you. Thank you I. Love You. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for showing up and doing this work. And I love you. It's amazing what happens when we speak softly and gently and kindly to ourselves it's so beautiful. It's so nourishing. So. What we're GONNA do is we're gonNA start our three breath pattern. So this breath is done through the mouth only. So the technique that we use is through the mouth only. So WanNa take one hand place your left hand on your belly place your right hand on your chest. When we actually go to do the patterns were not going to be putting our hands on our body. They'll be at our sides, but I just want to get you familiar with how it feels. So it's a three breath pattern and it sounds like this. It is all through the mouth not the knows. The first breath is when we suck in the air from our belly. The second breath is when we suck in our air from the chest. And the third ex hale is all through the mouth. So, what are you ready just come along with me Just keep breathing. You may notice your. Minds, getting a little busy. You may notice yourself getting dizzy right away. That's totally normal. Just keep breathing. Now. Place your hands down at your side. That's it. Just, keep reading you are safe to breathe your safe to feel. Today. We are working on opening up our hearts vase for healing. So, often, we have a closed down hearts potentially we've experienced so much heartbreak so much pain so much stress in our lives where. Sometimes. You just don't feel safe to be in our heart and live from our heart. And I just want you to take a deep breath right now. I just want you to feel in your heart space. Feel into the power, the frequency the love. That is so abundantly there. Everything becomes so much more clear when we are living from that heart centered place.

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