Can they make the playoffs with Derek Carr? Yes, they can. I totally believe that.


Can they make the playoffs with Derek Carr? Yes, they can. I totally believe that. I think Derek Carr is kind of you know what about 15 quarterbacks in this league are that's the more I'm watching games. And the more I'm thinking about where Josh Allen status is in the league and the more I watch these elite quarterbacks. And I to me. Patrick Mahomes. Is this Russell Wilson is this Lamar Jackson is this I'm not sure how many more I'd want to throw in their two Shawn Watson. I would throw in. Like 45 guys, maybe only four. Where I think Like they're incredible. And then everybody else seems to be pretty darn close. Of the guys we know. There are still some intriguing quarterbacks in the league with upside, and I would include Josh Allen in that group. Tyler Murray is a name that I think of for that. He's only a rookie. But Joe Burrow is interesting to Ah, talking by low in Miami to me has that type of upside. Even that groups, not that large. I still wouldn't want to throw Sam Darnold on the back half of it. I can't. I cannot write off Sam Darnold until I see him with a true team intrude, Coach. I mean, the Jets are not an NFL squatter know they are an embarrassment. They've to healthy wide receivers. They're wide receiving corps wasn't good to begin with. Frank Gore is got getting 23 carries for them the other day. Come on, Sam Darnold is getting Just no help. Now again, I put him on the way back end of that group. It has upside but Everyone else that we kind of know about. To me. It feels very much the same. Like how much difference is there between Derek Carr and Kirk Cousins and Jimmy Garoppolo and Ryan Tannehill? And Alex Smith when he's in games, and Gardner Menchu, even if I want to throw him in there, and Jared Goff and Carson Wentz and I say Garoppolo, because I'd want to throw him in there. There are so many quarterbacks in the league. To me, there's not a bit there's not a big difference. And I just want Ellen to be better than that, and I don't want him to slide back into that group. I don't need him to be one of those top four quarterbacks in the league, but he's got to be pretty darn close to it.

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