Just Us: A 39,000 Year Old Bear, A Nationwide Launch, and An Exciting Secret!


You know what she's on dancing with the stars, and so she clearly has way way way. Are you serious? She's Quarantine. Happened to her because she's on dancing with the stars now. y'All. Feel about that. Okay. If you didn't watch tiger king. Don't don't. Yeah actually. Does. Good. Don't and then the number two where were you but so Carol Baskin's is lady if if you watched it, then a lot of people think that she killed her husband and now she's going on dancing with the stars. Is that the new quota? Would you WANNA be her dance partner? No Well, they usually I would I actually no I changed my mind I. Think I would because I feel like they have to practice these dance routine. So late at night and they have to do them like really quickly you know maybe you. Like a glass of wine and it's like twelve. Am PM it's midnight and Twelve am and you're like, so carol, did you do it? She's like Oh. Yeah. I threw him in a meat grinder my God stop I fed him to the Tigers fell onto Latigo Anyways, why did you start today's episode out with that? I don't know I just thought I can't believe how far this year has come twenty twenty man we're moving into fall because I feel like we're coming to the end of this year already I mean, it's it's been seventy degrees y'all in Texas and raining and in September that just doesn't happen so I'm having a great. Year. How have you been enjoying this season with me and this growing valley baby? Well. So today for some reason when you were looking at that pregnancy APP that you have and it said, you were thirty three weeks and three days. I just kind of freaked out for a second 'cause I was like dude, like thirty three weeks. I feel like we're there i. mean you tell me. Seven weeks left to go. So that's considered. Forty four weeks. But technically full-term starts at I think thirty seven I was going to say I feel like you're not gonna go forty because we didn't go forty last time you're a tiny person. I feel like this baby is you said she's sitting really low, right? Yeah. My last appointment they literally could not measure her head because she was so low it just would not show up not to be alarmed or anything I'm not going in labor right now. But second pregnancy is just so different I remember with first pregnancy I felt like I dropped like I was always feeling constant pressure on my ribs and. Just the upper region of my torso. But this pregnancy I've been able to breathe and I've been able to relax a little bit more because the belly has dropped lower. It's been lower. I think the whole time and now it's real low I feel like every time you do a squat I'm scared that the base gonNA pop out I. Know I'm still working out can you believe that you have been working out this entire? Time and Lexi makes fun of me. One of my best friends like she just facetime for yesterday and she was like literally looking at me with side I like says, why are you still going so hard with your workouts and I was just like girl I have not been going hard. I've only been doing it forty five minute hikes in our hilly neighborhood and she's like girl that's more than I've done the past three days like. There's an there's an episode of curb your enthusiasm. Great show funny show on HBO. The Guy wrote, Larry. David he wrote Seinfeld and he has a show now and there's an episode where he was I was watching it on the plane recently when we traveled and there was a lady was like thirty six weeks pregnant and he's on the treadmill. And she just gets on the treadmill and he's like known her. New Reform he's like what why are you on the treadmill and she's because I'm getting workout and he's like I don't feel like you should be on the treadmill. She don't tell me what do this is my baby he's like you are harming the fetus. I feel like when I'm working out like is that people might be looking at me. It's a total math. You can work out all the way up until the moment that baby is about to come even. Where you can pace back and forth in the hallway if you need to I mean last pregnancy. I. Totally gave into the lie that you can't work out and I didn't and I regret it because Labor delivery what for me with so much more miserable and I'm convinced it was because I just let myself go and by the time you gain fifty five pounds. Do you know how much weight you gained so far this one this so far this pregnancy I wouldn't say wait I would just say I I'm probably Probably like thirty five. Wow. So it'll be forty probably forty pounds forty but that fifteen pounds on your body is like thirty pounds on my body. So Proportionately, that's a huge. We just announced that we'd launched. Announced that I launched my hair collection with wash. Over that sea woo but bringing that up. Thank you baby because when we shot that video, the key for the campaign was seventeen weeks pregnant and when I looked back at that footage last week we launched I was like, Hey, I felt so pregnant that day in bloated. But when I'm looking back at that I'm like, Hey, I actually feel like I should look like that my goal maybe look like that after I have the baby it's just hard for me to keep on weight that's always been my issue pre baby. So I think for me after this. Baby, I just want to continue with my healthy lifestyle working out but I really gotta get better. It may be eating more protein because I just WANNA like I. Don't know how I feel like more meat on my body I. I know that you felt like that you know when we were shooting at seventeen weeks or whatever. But you literally looked like just a small normal person but looking back those photos I was like, Dang, like you're looking fine and it was like this is this a sexy ad campaign or is this a hair campaign because hey, girl. Let me tap not, my gosh. Good of. Ear. I can't came glossed over this I have to Brag on you. Okay. y'All. So from your perspective not says but like FAM-. You might think, okay you large social media following Saz, like why are you surprised? This is having success. It's having huge success by the way. y'All to be honest with you. Like we have some of the same insecurities that that you have even if you don't have a large following I mean, you think sometimes okay I'm GONNA put together this product like for says, right for you babe you're putting this together with air and scanty, and you don't know I mean people might right out for you in buy your products and they might not really don't really have a good gauge for this because we had really done something like this before except for the Bobbi Brown makeup launch but that was so different. And You sold out. A, few of the products already like the like the day after they were sold out, which is a huge like s Kluge huge and believe that I mean it's Walmart Dot com. So I, know that they you know what I mean they and putting up like fifty accessories it's like they have a wide. Variety of quantity but I think what's amazing is that I was kind of sceptical walking into the process because I didn't WanNa do something that I felt like wouldn't resonate with my online family and I just feel like there are really a lot of opportunities that come to influencers and sometimes we feel that pressure to just like take it or hey we. Pay The bills.

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