182: National League Baseball's Cleveland Spiders - With Eric Nusbaum - burst 10


Does. So now Frank Robinson owns the Cleveland spiders and Saint Louis Perfect does what a good position to be in for an owner. And obviously the first thing he does is he says, screw you to Cleveland and he trades quote unquote all the best players on the SPIDERS team to Saint Louis for all their worst players in effect creating a super team in Saint Louis and creating the opposite of a super team in Cleveland He then transferred ownership of the Cleveland team spiders to his brother and basically just said. I'm with the Cleveland spiders are going to be terrible and the perfect those are going to be great. So. Okay. So let's let's let's unpack that a little bit. So the the robinsons Robinson's skews me. Saying Robinson robust I've been thinking Rogerson it's. Okay, good. Either so you know whatever we want to call it but the road is, but they felt that Saint Louis and renamed browns by the way the first ever incarnation of the St Louis Browns was renamed the the. the perspectives which I think is a far better name by the way you wonder why it doesn't exist today but I digress well, we'll find out what their name became.

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