Talking Apple's announcements with Phandroid, Nick Gray


I get the irony of having the editor in chief of Android come on to talk about the apple event. Hey I watched it and let's do this. Okay. I'm not an apple fan boy I can still appreciate good products right? Same same. I used to work in android authority and every time every time I put out a even the slightest thing about an iphone thought that I was a traitor and I was like guys like. I'm allowed to carry more than one phone at any time. So here's the thing. First of all got to give the UPS to help apple. Granted, they have the backing of their partners like Pixar, for example, to make what is a very good looking presentation as far as the quarantine level. Kovin affected trade shows and events and tech shows are concerned I. You know you could. You could expect apple to put put on a good show. It was pretty good granted like with any apple event I kind of not really does off but obviously, like eventually they get into the weeds with their products and you just kind of like okay. Cool. You're you're updating all the IPADS. Dating. All of the Appalachians and whatnot but the whole fact that an iphone twelve was not part of this were you surprised I know people were people were not I was not surprised based off of they set in their last earnings call that the IPHONE would not be coming until. October. So I'll look I mean they they clearly said it wasn't coming and a lot of people seem to have missed that or forgot that Nah and they didn't even they even sent out a reminder once once the event was announced. That no he said the IPHONES. Not Coming till October. and so a lot of people kinda miss that and so that was the speculation of what are they going to announce for a lot of people because some people knew that they weren't announcing the new iphone. So when they sent out the invitation with that weird, it was the apple logo but. Yeah like circling and Tom Whatever I mean. We were speculating that a new apple watch was going to be coming and likely some IPAD information So yeah, I mean that's basically it will. We got the new IPADS and. The. New Apple Watch is because now we have what is the series six is the new one and then the Apple Watch s e. so just like the iphone se we have an apple watch se which is A. I don't WanNa say dumbed down version of the watch because. It's still an incredible piece of Gadgetry but it doesn't have some of the sensors that the main watch has making it useful for somebody who's wanting an apple watch for all of the health and fitness benefits that you can track with the device, but it's probably something more geared towards. A cheaper watch for you know your kids are family members who may not be into fitness tracking you know I would even argue like I agree with you there, but I would even add on top of that. When you put the letters s e on anything apple. I get interested. Like I'll just speak from personal experience because like. If I were to choose if I have no other like knowing that I have other things like my own cameras and my own gaming consoles and stuff like that. If my smartphone was not the center of my universe, then something like a pixel for a which literally I you and and or an iphone se those were the perfect choices for me like I'm actually into. dumbing not dumbing down, you said dumbing down but like slimming my smartphone experience for a better price and they're doing it with smart watches and your Indiapol- ecosystem. I'm actually kind of impressed. Yeah. It is a very, very impressive device and it comes with and Lt version as well which pairs with their new family, what they call it the family sink plan now. Now, you do not need to have it's not a one to one match between a a watch and a smartphone you can connect multiple watches to a single smartphone. So that, you can get on Apple Watch for your children. And also your aging parents so that you can have location tracking and communications with them and fall detection and accident detection. Features built in and pair that with a single device rather than having to have multiple iphones in order to pair that with which makes the Apple Watch. Probably, the first gadget that most parents are going to buy for their children that are not smartphone age ready yet. Yeah. Indeed, and because there's this huge marquette of children friendly watches that are connected that they can make phone calls that they came message their parents or a select small group of people and individuals, and most of those costs. One, hundred, ninety, nine to three, hundred dollars, and all of them have to be paired with a ten dollars a month service plan through your carrier. And just to be clear, the pairing of these devices must be paired with the L. T. E. or this the connected version not just the WIFI version. Yeah, Mindy. So you do have that little bit extra and you do have that monthly subscription that you're gonNA have to pony up for yeah,

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