The PS5 is the biggest game console in modern history


Playstation five little story here. So PSI hardware images show the size of the biggest game console of modern history. And so ladies and gentlemen breakout those tape measures. So new PS five images of come our way the Taiwan's National Communications Commission. So according to Sony the PS five. Sits fifteen point four inches tall ten point two, four inches deep. And four inches wide for comparison, the xbox series XS eleven point eight, five inches, tall five point nine, four inches eve, and five point nine, four inches way. I'm GonNa try to pull these images of Brittany apple up So I heard this news and I just bought a new entertainment console, which was really stupid because I should have waited until we got everything but thankfully, everything fits in my slots. So I'll be. Okay. So. Yeah. I was a little nervous also, if you're curious about the xbox series s an ex or maybe just one or the other anyway, you can go on their twitter account on the eighteenth of September, they tweeted out fat is so fat they tweeted out a link to a cut out you can print it out and cut it out a model size of the what the Xbox is going to how big it's going to be. A paper cut out. It's really cute. So if you want to build it and make sure it will fit in your areas, you can do that. So I know it's on the website, but it's probably just easier to find it on their twitter account. But yeah, that's a fat boy.

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