Can I use other people's recipes for my ebook for children?


Chris, Calloway from Sydney Australia. I be listening to your show right from the beginning our unemployed. I did work in between I'm unemployed. Now again, I've tried several side hustles over the years I haven't managed to monetize. Miss yet I've tried a book club and Dane Grip I, had some success. I've started a youtube channel Foodie phonics, lessons, children, and have a few thought of his. What most recently have self published an evil children. My question is am I, able to use recipes that I find on the intimate and rename them for use in book at the back so that I can use the link for readers to contact me and the floor to your response to them. Thanks for gration cheese. Hey, thank you so much for listening. Thank you for calling in and good work on continuing to try different stuff. It takes a while and then that's that's okay. I love the idea of the Youtube Channel for food phonics lessons. Let's talk about your question. So can you use other people's recipes essentially and kind of rename them a bit It's a bit of a grey area because. A lot of recipes are are very common here. So there's not a lot of difference between let's say some standard recipes. Okay. But other recipes are created by chef. And there is proprietary work that goes into that. So the best safest answer is that you would need to contact the recipes author or creator for permission to use it in this way unless it's clearly something that is in the public domain. Okay now, that said, a lot of recipes as I mentioned are pretty simple. Okay. Are Pretty simple are pretty common or just handed down over the years and such. So if you're making souffles or castle as or something that's either complicated or somewhat unique, I was trying to think like what is unique to Australia and I did some googling and I read about fairy kick which I don't know a lot about even though I have been to Australia many times and love that country but very cake because the thing Australia. So anything that is complicated or somewhat unique. Where a chef is clearly create that recipe and that is something you definitely shouldn't borrow like that belongs to them however since so many recipes are rudimentary and copied over and over for those I think you'd be okay with putting your own twist on it and renaming it as you suggest except perhaps calicut half cows magical mackin sheep's. Or. farm-to-table Foodie phonics fruit salad I'm just providing some names here feel free to borrow these. You can still these or Foodie phonics vary bread maybe it's actually very bread not very kick now that I'm thinking about this more but whatever it is very bread you call it Cudi phonics ferry bread, and perhaps tweak the recipe a little bit i. think that's okay. That's a little bit different than just wholesale. Copying recipe somewhere and putting it in your own yearbook.

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