May, polls showed 42% of adults would definitely get the vaccine. Another 30% probably would.


For Vice President Mike Pence's responded to allegations made by a former aide to the VP. Here's Gillian Turner. The White House feud with former Homeland Security eight Olivia Troy is heating up over her claims that President Trump's botched Corona virus response caused unnecessary American deaths. At the White House briefings. A rare appearance by general Keith Kellogg, National security adviser to vice president Pence with scathing criticism of Livia Troy's work on the Corona virus Task force the region I fired her Was. Her performance has started to drop after six months working on the task force. I went to the vice president of states and recommended she leaves, But Troy is punching back. Tweeting sad. The general Kellogg is telling a bold faced lie to protect the president. I resigned on my own accord and was asked to stay.

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