Arrest made in subway derailment caused by train striking debris on tracks in Manhattan, New York


Empty. Officials say it should be a normal rush on the A C and e subway lines today after a man was arrested for allegedly throwing debris onto the subway tracks at eighth and 14th yesterday. Causing a derailment and widespread delays. WCBS reporter Sean Adams joins us live now from that station in the West Village with the latest Shawn Yeah, you can take the a train again. The third rail's been rebuilt. Power restored tracks repaired here. 14th Street. There is still evidence of yesterday's vandalism and derailment. So if you go down on the platform, you will see the I beam supports the columns. The vertical columns. Crimped several of their bent, and that's where the impact happened. Where North bound a train scraped on by yesterday morning no one seriously hurt 134 passengers on the north bound a train. A man through metal clamps on the tracks the front car of the subway derailed. Police arrested 30 year old Dimitrius Harvard from the Bronx. He faces multiple charges, including reckless endangerment and assault. Police say he has been arrested before about a dozen times for other minor offenses. So far, there's no indication why he would want to try. To derail a

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