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Hey. Z Zero Seven, ten, ESPN I did rebound from the goose egg but still trailing, we'll see what happens. Tonight. We all have the raiders game tonight. So so right George. He's so right Greg Citizen One thousand nine eleven, different different incarnations. To Happen Yeah last I checked it felt Like he was making it up, he was going on I. Mean he talked about I got an excel sheet a spreadsheet it should do know it can't do the math i. don't even know what to tell you basically. screwing up radio because math is too hard right clearly clearly, that case Greg do you have anything to save yourself before we get into what's important which is Anthony Davis shot I basically, I just screwed up Laura's perfect record a big big monster moment for this Lakers team L Z I can't express how huge a win that was because look we've seen this movie before team up sixteen on the Denver Nuggets and bad things happen to team that's up sixteen points. Anthony Davis channeled his inner Kobe and even yelled it so much so that he talked about Kobe. Bryant's influence after the game anthony

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