International Positive Education Network Conference Preview With Deborah K. Heisz

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Welcome to episode two, hundred and seventy nine. Oh, live happy now. This is Paula Phelps, and this week we're here to talk about positive education. Whether. You're an educator or apparent. The concept of positive education is something that can change your life as well as the life of your student child. In these times, it's more important than ever to understand the role that wellbeing plays in the lives of students, teachers, administrators, and parents. So this week live happy CEO and Co founder Deborah Highs joins us to talk about the upcoming International Positive Education Networks Twenty twenty wellbeing in education or conference. This event is being offered entirely online for the first time and it's also free for anyone who wants to attend. deb Sits Down with me to explain what you can expect and how you can experience it. Debra welcome back to the happy. Now, I'm very excited to be here as always one of my favorite things to do. We specific reason for getting you on the air this week because there's something coming up, you know it better than practically anybody else, and so I'm going to start by asking you to tell us. What this conference is, what it's called and why it's important. Certainly. First of all, this is the. International Positive Education Network is hosting a wellbeing in education virtual conference in October October Twenty, seven, hundred, twenty, nine actually, and it's global conference. It is time zoned appropriately. So if you live in north and South America, it would be on the twenty seven, twenty eight. If you live in different parts of the world, it's going to be on the twentieth and twenty. But it's super exciting I pen something that I've been involved in actually founding board member something I've been involved from the start something that live happy is co founder Jeff. Wilson's been involved from the start and it's really about creating wellbeing in educational systems and we're super excited that were hosting our third conference. It's an every other year conference We've been going about seven years, but this is our third conference and probably the most exciting thing about this particular conference is that it's Free. So we can get you know as many people as we want to attend. It's a good opportunity that we would have loved to have. We've had thousands people at our other conferences, but we this is an opportunity for anyone who's interested in positive education to log in and out what it's all about and for people who are listening who aren't really sure what positive education is can you kind of tell us a little bit about what you mean when you say Positive Education It's a broad topic actually, it's not a specific topic because positive education depending on who you're talking to has various connotation. So for people who run schools, there are positive schools positive learning environments that are created, which teach children to be empowered and advocate for themselves and are built around character. Strengths are are built around really creating a wellbeing environment for students as opposed to just you know reading writing arithmetic, it really is about educating the whole child because studies have shown that people who have a higher sense of wellbeing perform better in everything starting with school. Teaching children in a way that enables them to feel and develop their own wellbeing their own a psychological wellbeing their own social well-being is the foundation of positive education. But when we talk about positive education, we're not just talking about the students themselves. Really is ecosystems teachers are impacted by it at hurts where can be impacted by it administrations and not just children in the sense of you know thinking about children but really educational systems all the way through universities. So the positive that's why it's the international positive education network is because there's a lot of different ways of looking at it and developing it, and you know that the network was founded really to bring attention to it and to get people who are passionate about it involved in really changing the way we teach people. And obviously this is great for educators, but it goes beyond that because this is something parents and especially, I'm thinking now a lot of parents have stepped into that role of teacher during Cova. Particularly relevant to them, but it really is something that's designed for a pretty broad audience.

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