How the Biden-Harris ticket will impact the 2020 race


Joe Biden's choice of Camilla Harris as his running mate is being met with excitement and hope from many women in and around Sacramento. KP CASE Joe Michaels joins us Live in studio with more Oh Bill Bynes decision to add California's junior senator to the 2020 Democratic ticket brings a smile to the face of the only woman currently sitting on Sacramento City Council Councilwoman Anjali Gash be calling the choice, exciting seeing yourself reflected in leaders. Is just so empowering, not just for young people, but for all people. Women have never seen themselves in the Oval Office. In the White House. Never so to see a woman actually get to vice president of the United States of America would tell women and girls everywhere that it is possible and it is possible in our lifetime. Kendra Montgomery Block of the Sierra Health Foundation, is pleased to finally see an African American woman chosen as the running mate of a major party's presidential candidate as a black woman, how we are constantly looked upon as the backbone of the entire country, and in doing so So making sure that you have not only just a seat at the table, but a voice at the table means a lot in our democracy, and Camilla represents that voice, not only for us before the people Montgomery Clark believes Harris will also serve as a rule model for young African American girls. You always want to be able to look at folks and say, Hey, that's a path that I could take two And now that's incredibly connected to black women, Indian women and two women of color that we can take this path that we can build strong families, built strong education connections and then be able to take on top leadership role in this country. Councilwoman Ashby says Harris is well prepared for the opportunity. This isn't choosing a woman for the sake of choosing a woman. He was a candidate for the presidency herself. She's been the senator for California. She's been attorney general. She's been a D E A. There's no doubt that she's qualified to do this job. Ashby understands the possibility that Harris could be polarizing and doesn't out W naysayers were choosing the next president and vice president, United States of America. We get to look at them through a critical leads, but we need to look at them through balanced lenses, and that is what the people of this country are asking for. So many ways through protests through support of candidates. The things that you're hearing is a nation that just wants equity in its decision making. They want to see women and men have equal opportunity they want to see people of every race have equal opportunity. When you look at American history, it's been a long time in coming. From the women's suffrage movement that ultimately gave women the right to vote 100 years ago this month of the civil rights movement aimed at ending racial discrimination to 2020 when an African American woman now stands as the running mate of a major party's presidential candidate,

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