'Repeat Offender' - burst 5

Trump, Inc.


President pence who is leading the coronavirus task force. He did a television interview where. Spent time attacking Joe Biden. Knew he wasn't supposed to as I because of some hashtag restrictions can't really comment on the political strategy but I can. Vice President Biden yet to face media and over eighty days and seems trapped inside his basement at the moment. Peter Navarro is a senior trade and economic advisor at the White House and then the course of doing a television interview about economic policy. Mr Navarro attacked Joe Biden poll driven plagiarised. Why China job, why I was astonished by also, Garrett Kushner when you look at the election coming. Down to you know, who do you trust to build the copy back? Senior White House adviser Stephen Miller as you know the Joe Biden is stuck in a basement somewhere mark meadows trump's chief of staff. Interview with Rudy Giuliani, would you be willing if push came to shove that we go the president, go debate biden in the basement lesson I interview the secretary of war sweet and he executive office building next to the White House let's put Joe Biden's record up against the president's record. This conversation goes on for a while before meadows acknowledges that maybe you should be talking about the election again, putting my personal hat back on I. Don't. WanNa violating law. Humble view. Sherman's group crew has filed complaints about some of these interviews. He says the Special Counsel Investigating Peter Navarro and Marc Short the office clear Jared Kushner Hatch. Act Violations for an interview. He did earlier this year on CNN in other cases the OCC has cleared administration officials after investigation, but it doesn't make these opinions public. Still Sherman says, the lines have been crossed. So many times he's lost count, and like this has happened time and time again and I think it is at this point, it is not a bug, it is a feature. At least thirteen. Trump administration officials have been found by the see to have

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