Looking for a MacBook Air alternative? Here are your best options

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With kids about to head back to school either in person or Colle- laptops. Are. Front. And Center. Now Michalak. Air is a popular option. There's actually a pretty wide world outside of Mackerel S I'm Roger Chang and this is your charge. With me laptop expert and senior reviewer Josh Goldman. Thanks for joining me. Josh. Thanks for having me, Roger. So we're getting close to back to school season and who knows what? That's really gonNA look like you know we've got folks potentially going my kid's GonNa. Go to school with a bunch of people doing remote learning But with that said, parents will generally WANNA decent laptop for their kids no matter what their ages at this point Just start things off do you have a general tips for people on the hunt for Nick Peter? The, the one thing having you know, ended the the last school. In Quarantine the one thing I did learn from that was if you can afford to get it laptop with a larger screen than the eleven point six inch screen that most of the kids have on their chromebooks. chromebook obviously, he became really popular with schools. Except they went with models that have eleven point six inch screens which are very difficult for navigating the world of online learning. A lot of the online learning tools require more screen space so that the kids can actually see what they're doing and I think if you're going to invest in a laptop for your kid this season, get them something with at least a thirteen inch display fourteen if possible or even larger if he can. So what about touchscreen is that something that's necessary or is that more of a luxury I don't know that it's a luxury some or necessary I think it's just something that you can get these days as far as I'm concerned. touchscreens of the future everybody uses their phone all day long that's a touch screen tablets touchscreens. It makes sense for kids to have a touchscreen because that's how they're used to communicating with computers these days so. If you can get one with a touchscreen. Great. I don't think it's going to be a detriment though if you don't get one with a touchscreen and since we're talking about MAC books anyway or air replacement. macbook airs don't have touchscreens anyway. So if you're GONNA go macbook air, then you're not getting a touchscreen anyway. But one of the luxuries of gone with windows is you can get them with touchscreen. So catching and the MAC book air has been a popular option for a long time for students particularly college students But generally, what are some of the big reasons why you'd want to consider alternative is far as an alternative? if want to go with the chromebook, it's because that's what your school district is on. That has that makes things a lot easier than. Going with a separate operating system like windows or Mac os but the bigger thing for a lot of people going back to school is whether or not there their software that they need to get through school is going to work with the operating system that they have other than that it's more or less just learning to deal with the different features in the different houses. So it's not. I wouldn't say that like the OS is a big issue, but it's certainly an issue and you WanNa, just make sure what you're using his compatible with the operating system that you're going. Guys let's start with windows the the most popular operating system out there. What are some of the best options for a windows laptop. So if we're going to stick with the like as a macbook air replacement the macbook air has over the years been the most popular option for kids in school and or in college in high school students but they're. Obviously the the windows PC makers figure that out pretty quick and made a lot of laptops that look and behave in everything that MAC book air. So you've got things like. If you WANNA go really premium. Got Things like the daleks ps thirteen or the HP Specter which have a lot of the same design touches and it's just a super premium long battery life good performance and around thousand dollars. which is what you're dealing with with the macbook air. You're still at around that thousand dollar price point for their starting configuration. You can as usual get a better deal with with windows than you can with Mac. He'll usually get more features better processor, those kind of things with you go with windows. If you want to go. So those two that I mentioned her thirteen inch. If you want to go a little bit larger, my personal recommendation for most people is the Lenovo. Yoga. See Seven, forty, it's a two and one. So it's a little bit more flexible. It's a fourteen inch little bit larger screen, but still a nice compact package really good battery life really good performance and you can get it for less than a thousand dollars yen full disclosure I took joshes advice in actually purchased one. My wife and I are very happy with it so. On Josh thank you, it is it. It's one of those laptops that looks and feels like a Mac Book Air Bit and a you just getting you're getting more for your money with it. If, you want to go even less expensive on windows I like the acer swift three, which is running amd's latest rising processors and those the the processing performance you're getting out of that is like twice that of more more expensive laptop. So it's it's or should I say the processing performance is that of a laptop that's twice as expensive. Because as the swift three starts at around six hundred dollars and it's a three pound laptop fourteen inch display really really nice. Good. Battery Life But yeah, it's it's really cheap with good performance.

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