You will be with Me in Paradise (Luke 23:43)


Chapter Twenty three verse forty-three. Jesus said to him. Truly I say to you. Today you will be with me in paradise. Those, not some of the most beautiful words and all the Bible. Spoken by Jesus as he's hanging on a cross. He's being mocked. Is being murdered in the most cruel form imaginable in that day. And he looks to this criminal hanging beside him who realizes that? Jesus has done nothing wrong realizes and we don't know all the details but. He realizes who Jesus is. In such a way that Jesus says to him, truly I say to you in other words market down. This is guaranteed today you will be with me in paradise. Like today not in the future. But as soon as you breathe your last breath, you're gonNa be with me in paradise this word for heaven this word for the place where we're finally with God free from Sin Experiencing. Eternal life in Darnell. Joy An eternal peace in him today you will be with me in paradise light let that soak in. That for all who trust in Jesus is. And what she has done on the cross. In the moment you die on this earth. That day that moment you will be with Jesus in Paradise. An heaven you will experience the hope of salvation. You will experience freedom from all sin and all suffering and victory over death Jesus, we praise you for this reality. Even as I think about the anniversary of Mind Dad's death just a couple of days ago. And fresh tears. Crazy you. That the moment he breathed his last breath. When he had that sudden heart attack like that moment that day was with you in paradise and today he's with you and for the next ten trillion years, he's going to be with you now based on what he had done based on who you are and what you had done to save him from his sins and for that hope, I have that hope that each one of us has that no matter what happens today or tomorrow or next month or next year. Ten years from now you're fifty years from now whenever it is, we breathe their last breath that in that moment on that day, we will be with you in paradise. All Glory be to your name. Jesus we trust in you with our life we trust in you with our death. And we break a replay for. People who don't know this confidence who don't have this whole people who've never even heard this hope. A reprieve for the Moghal people in Pakistan, we lift our hearts. Our voices together. For them right now all one point three, million of them. No. Moguls who have put their trust in Jesus that we know the. I. Know Moser who died a will be with you in paradise. God We pray for that to change. Got Pray for the Moghal to hear the good news if you're love the. Greatest News. In the world that deaths been defeated and eternal life as possible and you gotta re pray for the spread of that news for the sending of. For the mobilization of Your Church take the Gospel to the Moghal in Pakistan. In God, we pray the help us to share this good news with somebody else today knowing nobody we interact with today is guaranteed tomorrow. So Al Buster made the good news of who Jesus is what Jesus has done known today. Even as they live with this rock solid death to find confidence. That on that day, we will be with you and Baird is. We. Love you Jesus, and we can't wait in a sense for that day to live is Christ and to die is gain. We. Praise you for that reality. Pray these things in your name. Amen.

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