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The media warned us yesterday the left. told us that Republicans. We're GONNA. Start to attack Kamala Harris in personal sexist horrible ways, and we didn't have to wait very long the president of the United States. Donald trump already digging in to Carmela taken listen. Well, she lied when she said things that were untrue. she is A person that's. told many many sores that weren't true. She's very big into raising taxes. She wants to slash funds for our military at a level that nobody's can even believe. She. is against fracking fracking vast. She's against petroleum products. I mean how do you do that in go into Pennsylvania or Ohio or Oklahoma or the Great State of Texas? He's against. fracking, fracking's a big deal. she's in favor of socialized medicine. Where you'RE GONNA lose your doctors you're going to lose your plan wants to take. your healthcare plans away from one hundred eighty. Million Americans hundred and eighty million Americans that are very happy with their health insurance. and. She wants to take that away. So she was my number one pick. So she was my number. One Pick I love I'm rooting for says President Trump. Was that sexist? Was that personal? No, it wasn't not at all notice all of the comments were about her policies and her dishonesty. Now, the left has been going after trump personally for years that notice trump isn't going personally after Kamla it's not. It's not a personal thing. It's about her her fitness for the job and her policies why what's trump is a person right? That's why they go after him personally and Kamla Harris isn't she's nothing she's just a vessel for the administrative state. She's just a vessel for the liberal establishment. She doesn't have any deeply held beliefs. She doesn't have any convictions. She does she's just she's just there. That's what this is about. Trump is going after something bigger than just one person or two people. He's going after a system that is a perversion of American democracy. He's going after the whole Saddam media, the administrative government, and that's why they're all gunning for him. That's what this race is going to be a bad. It's not trump pence verses, Biden Harris. Trump. Pence versus deep state we'll get into it. I'm Michael Knowles. This is the Michael Knol show. Welcome back my favorite youtube comment yesterday from Ezra when Harris mentioned being a little girl Joe immediately knew he would choose her as VP. You remember that that was that was the big hit that Kamla made on Joe where she said when I was a little girl I was bused to school at because of good policies that Joe Biden opposed because he's a racist even though now I really like him and I'll I'm so honored to be his running mate everyone has been changing their tune on Biden on Kamla because it doesn't. Matter it's not about them it's about this power grab. Obviously, the trump attacks were not sexist as we were all warned braces off of the sexist attacks. The only person even coming close to being blamed for a sexist attack is Tucker Carlson Y be is Tucker Carlson brought up the inconvenient fact that Comma Harris began her political career in sort of dodgy not so nice ways take a listen. Harris clearly wasn't picked for personal charm more than thirty years ago she dated a man called. He was later the mayor of San Francisco. She was twenty nine years old at the time Brian was sixty and still married. Brown launched Harris's political career. He knows her very well last week Brown publicly urged Joe Biden not to pick camera Harris as his running mate. But it turns out willy. Brown's opinion no longer matters in the Democratic Party Jeff Bezos opinion matters the opinions of his fellow Bay Area Tech Titans. So this you're not allowed to mention even Willie Brown who is a democratic politician mention this months and months ago the the fact is commonly Harris dated this much older married man and then he launched her political career and now nobody's allowed to talk about that. But is that sexist? Even that that's that's the line I mean that's the sort of attack that the left is calling what sexist about that. You could attack a man if a man did the same thing but maybe a little bit stranger situation if A. Man. Had A relationship with an older married woman and then she launched his political career, you could bring that up but that wouldn't be called sexist. It's just acknowledged that she did. But the reason it's called sexist and this is a broader point even beyond this race is because the left is not looking at these politicians as individual statesman with individual visions and policies and accomplishments it just looks at them as vessels for itself. That's why the left divvied up the country into you know black, Hispanic Asian, American different sexual groups. The reason it does that is because it doesn't care about singular vision singular accomplishment. It's all just about. The establishment it's all just about the vision. It's about the administrative state. It's not individuals that are governing. It's not politicians who were governing us for the left. It's just this kind of bureaucracy that has no accountability for all. That's been the left-wing project in America the Democratic Project in America since Woodrow Wilson that's been going on now for over one hundred years. So it it doesn't really care that Kamla. You're GonNa hear these diets sexist racist whatever obviously, it doesn't mean anything I think importantly here it's very good that Tucker and trump most importantly is not attacking Harris for being tough on crime. That's one kind of meam that we've been joking about as common as a cop she put people. In prison and that's bad and that's racist and it's such a week line of argument. It's good to put criminals in prison I'm glad Kamla through criminals in prison. It's basically the only thing I like about her it's an conservatives should not take that left wing line of argument that's not going to serve us very well in the end. The left already has enough problems to deal with uncommonly go after the things that count because it raises this question if common layer is wonderful person, it's historic. It's so much better actually that we've got a black woman on the ticket then this white man, she's the one who gives us hope. Why didn't they nominate her she ran for president why didn't they pick her if she's so wonderful and she's going to bring all this hope to Joe Biden's campaign. We'll get to why second there is an answer, but I got to thank our friends over at first leaf. You know you know this image this is maybe this has happened to you I'm

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