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He caught. The last of the big streaming services has finally launched nationwide, but at joint a crowded room, streaming services, including busy, plus and that Blix. So how does this stack up? I'm Roger, Chang into your daily charge. Beckley I don't have to answer that question because with me. Is Our media expert, John? Salzman and software services. Reviewer Alison. Danisco, welcome both you. Thanks all right so John with you. He is live after having launched in Beta mode to caucus users a couple months ago, so so give us a land now. What is the streaming wards landscape? Look like this is basically the last of the big new services to land at least as far as we know. We had apple and Disney plus come in November than we had depending if you consider it bigger. Bigger not clubby came in April followed by Hbo Max in May, and now finally we have peacock, and it's a little bit different than the rest of those, because it not only is, it has big budget originals big back catalog, like most of those other services do, but it's also doing some other things that are digging a little bit when the others I it has. It's going to have live news. Life sports other sorts of news and sports replays highlights that kind of thing and crucially has a free tear at as a tier with advertising we can watch about two thirds of the catalog just by signing up and not paying anything there are ways you can take out the ads and unlock the full catalogue if you WanNa pay, but having that sort of on ramp that free just sign up and start watching thing. It's something that these other big services in the streets haven't tried yet. Yeah, I would just sort of generally speaking. Have we talked about the free cheering a bit but? In terms of these other players out there have any cover merged as must have service to rebel Netflix's certainly a streaming service, the new streaming service that's landed with the biggest slash by far is Disney plus. One media analyst when it launched last year there was one media analyst and widely followed one who called it one of the greatest product launches of all time. To give you a sense. Track Google search trends around these launch dates, and the Google search trends for Netflix are a good baseline. You know it's established. It's always very popular as a search gives you a good baseline of how other services stack up and people, search addressed most of these other services. They haven't crossed the level of net search interest, even on launch days, whereas Disney plus like quadrupled the amount of Netflix interests on its launch day now it's come down since then, but among these new services Disney is the one to beats, and nobody has even come close so far. Are also you've been testing out the service. How has the experience on Peacock Ben? Overall I've been having a really positive experience with peacock so far to be honest. I wasn't expecting all that much. Since we do already have Sumani streaming services, but the fact that it has this free tier is John mentioned where you can still watch. Tons of movies and TV shows with ADS does make it stand out from competitors like Netflix and Hulu it gives you something for free that similar to say a Pluto TV or a to B, but with this premium streaming. Streaming service interface, so it looks really good, and you also have the opportunity to upgrade if you want to. It's pretty easy to navigate. It has a few quirks, and there are some features that are still missing but overall. It's a solid free surface at launch. If you don't mind watching those ads in terms of that that user experience that the navigation the experience itself. How does it stack up against DISAPP- loss or Netflix's or some other more Polish premium services so in. In my mind, peacock isn't quite trying to be a Netflix or Hulu or HBO Max. It has a similar tile layout, and you can browse things by TV shows and movies and get recommendations, but it's kind of doing something different, and it's probably not going to replace any of those others for you, but it's something you can get for free to have more options. It reminds me a little bit of Amazon prime video in a way like on that one you can get. Get, a lot of shows and movies included as part of your prime subscription, but you'll find others mixed in that. You do have to pay for so on peacock. You'll find some shows with a little purple feather in the corner, which means you have to upgrade premium to watch them, but they're so plenty of free options to. And since we're in this time of economic uncertainty, you know free services a welcome option, even if you don't watch it every single day, right? Joan. Beyond this free tier is there anything else about peacock that makes stand out, or the folks should know about? Yeah, definitely, the frontier is obviously the first thing that people are going to encounter when they try to sign up and they realize they don't have to provide any sort of payment information. Start watching. But beyond that you know. Being in the pandemic, there's a lot of things that peacock wanted to have available right now for its launch that aren't a manifest really until next year or later, for example, the entire reason that it's launching right now in the middle of July is that originally peacock witches, NBC's streaming service thought they'd be able to piggyback on all the interest in the Olympics. That should be happening right now. Is the broadcasting partner for the Olympics in the United States, and so of course everyone remembers every Olympic season how there's just like blanket coverage on NBC. All of NBC's other cable channels. But because we don't have that until next year, that's a huge driver to get people interested and knowledgeable that that the service exists. That just doesn't exist right now. Also their originals. They have nine original series at launch, but just like everybody else all their production of new content. At least any live action content had to be suspended in March, and so they don't have as much in their pipeline. That's going to be ready to release win. They had hoped to release it as have if we weren't in this situation where everybody's lockdown the also could you break down the? Tiers, obviously, there's the free cheer that's at basement. What are you getting with those I? Think there's two different paid tears. He kinda run through them. And you actually get sure so in the free tear you get thirteen thousand hours of TV shows, Movies News Life Sports. Some of the biggest name shows you'll find. There are and Recreation, Thirty Rock, law and order. Order Svu but you know. Some of those are also currently on Netflix and Hulu to so there's some confusion there potentially, and you also know that the office won't be coming to peacock until January when it's calm when his contract with Netflix runs out, but in the meantime you'll also find current episodes of NBC shows one week later on that free tier. In terms of movies, you've got some big slightly older hits like Jurassic Park the Bourne identity, the Matrix and also newer kind of Oscar Z. ones like phantom thread and tally, and so for something. That's free. You'll probably find something. You WanNa Watch, but then you'll also find these two paid tears. One is five dollars a month which gives you access to the full Peacock Library which is about twenty thousand hours of TV, and movies, but you'll still see ads on that one. If you WANNA GO AD free. It costs ten dollars a month and you'll get still get that full libraries well. A few things you'll find on the premium tears, but not the free tier are all of the episodes of peacock originals, the major one launch being brave new world, and you'll also find more new movies and also next day access to new episodes of current. NBC shows one interesting thing that we haven't really seen before is that you'll get early access to some shows like late night with Seth Meyers and the tonight show. Show with Jimmy Fallon the night that they air, so you can watch them at eight PM instead of eleven thirty pm, but that would actually start until those shows are back in the studio and not running from home during the pandemic. Okay We've talked about this before, but they're just too many strips out there. They're all asking for money. Yes, peacock has a free tier, but there's clearly they want people to. Upgrade to these premium tears. How does market support so may services Comey Services? Can a household actually afford to pay for so from the experts that I've talked to and the research that they've been doing? It seems like there's a couple of interesting things going on one is that the total number of streaming services that people are subscribed to and are trying is going up now. That's partially because in the. The pandemic so many entertainment choices that we normally would that normally would keep us from streaming aren't happening right now, and we're all locked up in our homes, and so it's the primary way other than regular TV. Your needs that you would entertain yourself when you're stuck at home anyway, that's to do with it, but even before the pandemic. We were starting to see that all. This wave of new services what starting to tap higher, the amount of services people were trying and also subscribing to. But what we've found in the pandemic from the research that I've seen as that people are also much more willing to cancel subscriptions so. It's mostly price sensitivity factor as you know. Jobless numbers are soaring, and as people are reconsidering howl. They dedicate their money every month. Once they hit the point where a free trial ends or this ends. They're more willing to quit. Because they become more educated on other options that don't require payment that conserve their entertainment needs, you know. Alison, she mentioned to be There's other ones like that. That are free services that peacock sort of straddles the line with people are realizing that they have those options to if they don't WanNa, keep paying

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