Tokyo raises Covid-19 alert to highest amid spike in cases


In Zurich Seven, twenty, two here in London Tokyo has raised its corona virus level to its highest in response to the number of cases, spiking the city's governor held a news conference, in which he held aloft a red and orange card to colors, which indicate the seriousness of the threat, but I'll Tokyo Bureau chief Wilson joins me now with more welcome back view now I'm tell us what's happening where you are. Yeah. That's right Governor Koi K. Yesterday. raise the level to the highest level to read I. Think for most people in Tokyo. It's very difficult to interpret. It's a really symbolic system of guidelines that really don't. They have no binding force I think what people are really looking at is how the infection numbers doing and the news just coming in now they'll be two hundred eighty around two hundred and eighty record to stay, which would actually be a record for Tokyo. So I think that's the number that people will be looking at I. Think the governor. Qweik's alert system has has honestly not been that helpful. Those people don't quite understand what it means. The guidelines came out in May originally. When when the state emergency was lifted, they were revised in June and it's partly to do with the shift in in in how the virus is is affecting people now the first wave of ours with affecting more older people this time it's younger people asymmetric. And what governor? Governor quick as saying what we really need to focus on now is. Can the health system coke? So that's what these guidelines are referring to it. Saying is the health system on depression, which it seems that it is, and she said that the trying to secure I think nearly three thousand. That's people who have mild symptoms ever. Do we know where this the spread of the disease is coming from? You mentioned the fact that it is young people now who are turning up with positive tests. Yeah I mean they've certainly be mentioning a lot about nightlife small balls. They been people working ball state. They've been co opted to making video. Saying this is how we're going to do business from now on. We're not drinking from the same bottle. I mean the mind boggles. That was going on anyway, but they've said that going to. Enforce these. Practices just so that customers surprise and there's been a cluster in certain areas of Tokyo. It's not just Tokyo. The areas around Tokyo that have. Always had a similar kind of. Trajectory for the virus Kinda go fight Chiba. And also all soccer in the fall west of Japan, so that that's one area, but they're also actually rather love untraceable infections that something I know, the Governor Koi case worried about so that's why she she said situation she she's referred to severe, and European, wouldn't be considered that the compared to numbers in Europe, but certainly hair it's it's considered pretty bad at the moment. No businesses as far as I can gather, have been asked to close and what you described. There are people not sharing bottles does sound rather. Astonishing, giving the level of sort of lockdown at the rest of the world is experiencing and still is experiencing. Is there a sense that now? The the the authorities in Tokyo are really getting in control of this thing, or is that still a sense is Estela gap between what should be done or anything? People think should be done what people are actually doing. Well. I mean there's always been this issue. That nothing is `binding in Intercon? It's always about advising people cautioning them asking them and what's happened. Is Japan that people are quite happy to do that? We don't see any of this problem with people refusing to end loss, there's not that people are extremely cautious. The the the sharing of book was I'm sure rating most people here as well so I think people have really really got hold of the situation. You know as a group among saying Tokyo if you look around everyone. The for example, people are very cautious to kind of being built in now. Kids about school, but they're all very socially distance wearing masks so that there is already built in I. Think you know what goes what happens from now is it's really difficult to predict because governor Taylor last month, said you know infections go by fifty a day. We'll have to think about dozing businesses again now. We're already at two hundred and eighty today so clearly. It's not that straightforward. It's a much more. More complex situation you know, how and as I said it's, it's different group of people now because the eysenck domestic, then not needing the hospital beds that were were really ought to pressure in April. When when the when the pandemic was was thought to peaks, actually so it slightly different situation. Now we're now also in a situation and the time when tourism should be really at the heart of what's happening in Japan. We should be in the middle of the Olympics notwithstanding but. The central government has. been trying to boost domestic, tourism. It's come up against some rather understandable opposition hasn't at namely from those who would be receiving visitors from the likes of Tokyo where there. Is this this this outbreak? Absolutely I mean that's a campaign called the go-to travel campaign which the government launched, it was supposed to be August actually that started, but they've brought it forward to twenty second of July which should have been the long weekend that launched the the Olympics. It was supposed to be a holiday weekend. We don't know the Olympics, but we still have the holiday weekend and she. Has Launched his campaign, which will basically encourage people to trouble ever Japan? They'll be heavily subsidized. You've got money back on travel hotels from September. You'll get voucher to spend wherever you go, so it's. It's really encouraging people to move around on the reaction. It'd be very bright, mixed some areas already welcoming it that that very keen to get travelers, but some places. It walked in the north of Japan where they've had no cases. Just said now is not the time, but then don't particularly wanting this to happen, so. It really varies from from prefect prefecture, but I think there's lots of nervousness and I can say that I have traveled a little bit in Japan and the last couple of weeks and I can certainly say that people are not about through to see anyone from Tokyo coming into rural areas at the moment. Even if you're masked up that that very concern Tokyo is, the numbers are much higher than anywhere else and the loss of concerned about people from Tokyo. Particularly traveling around the country, and what is it? Do you think that will reassure people that? There are calls for stronger testing measures and tracing measures to be carried out. Then both like I said that maybe one thing they do is they actually offer free tests? If not reassurance, people you know the to show that these tourists do not have a virus. I think it also shows that the pressure on Shinto be how difficult it will be opened the country up to. International travelers you know all the measurements really hard to persuade people to travel within Japan, so it is difficult, and and you know these number very public, and you know people will see the news today

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