Working from Home: Tips, Tricks and Inspiration from The New Corner Office (Laura's new book!) Ep. 155 - burst 09


Record mites short podcast before breakfast in new corner office, because those do require quiet, and if there are people around the house, it's really hard to have actual quiet. So I've I've been you know see if the baby can be just fed in his happy, he can go down in the basement I tell the other kids like you have to be quiet like just don't make noise for thirty minutes, and sometimes they're better than others, but you know I can often get through a couple of episodes in that and. Do what I can you know? We eat dinner around six o'clock. That's been kind of a new family thing with quarantine since we're all there. Fine to have a dinner time six o'clock pretty much every night, and that's I. I'm not really doing a whole lot of work after dinner these days I've I've I've probably limited the amount of work doing. I feel like I'm not necessarily getting as much done, but. But you still wrote a book and are doing podcasts I. Think you're probably pretty good. Doing what I can do a lot of work. On my goodness, okay well, I don't have an extra cuny for this episode. Since this is basically one long queue for all of you, but if you would likely send Laura in particular work from home, dilemmas or questions, because we are happy to tackle those on a further episode, but we do need to share. Our loves of the week I feel like I i. know what you're GonNa. Say for years. Let's see okay mine. Is the Mister Clean Magic eraser. New I'm late to that party I know this is not a new product like at all, but genevieve is really. Not so great about control controlling her impulses around crayons. Put it that way, and so every time I turn around. There's like a new service that has little circles on it, which is like her new favorite thing to draw so? That thing works like shockingly well. I did have a reader right in that actually baking soda

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