Aguilar leads Marlins over Phillies 5-2 in Girardi's debut


Philadelphia. But the Phillies bats were almost as quiet as the card. More cut outs in the stands. We get more from K Y W. Zed Bank in the Phillies drought, the five to decision to Miami at Citizens Bank Park. Despite the law's manager, Joe Girardi talked about the excitement of the season opener as well as the disappointment of coming up short, so happy to be here and I know it's disappointing. We everyone wants to win opening day because you always remember opening day more than day. Three day four day five Aren Noah suffered the loss of the mound and the Phillies A said it was strange playing in an empty stadium, but that the focus needs to be the same as in any other season. You know, everybody's in the same situation so we can't really Hang our heads that there's not crazy energy in the stance, but at the end of the day, we're trying to get to hit her out. We're tryingto baseball game, Same as our opponent, Didi Gregorius homered in the loss as the Phillies managed only five hits in the game. I met banking K y

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