But I want to thank you, Maria, because what you've said is not wrong.

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Said. It said one that you're saying Trump is on the golf course. Golfing. Well, it's the weekend down government employees get the weekend off. They sure do. But if you remember this president if you remember this president blasted Barack Obama. For playing goals. We were in trouble President went to work today. He God. Elected. Golf course. Every president does sort of Barack Obama workers sort of ankle bone workers. So don't blame Obama. I voted from Iraq. I'm not being cold, Hard workers. Let me explain with you. We don't want people getting handouts. Maria, wait. Are you saying the $600 should not be appropriated? No, I think it should because I'm going to apply for it because I want my hand out. Wait a minute. You're not getting a handout. You're getting a hand up its keeping people fed and hand out because I've been paying taxes for Lupin getting this hand out for a long time. You're telling me the people who pay we're getting his hand on didn't pay taxes. No, not a lot of them didn't listen. I have to tell you something. I understand your point of view. I think you're wrong. But it's okay. Because on November 3rd, you could vote for Donald Trump again. And let me remind you going, But I'm not gonna provoke provided I understand. I understand. I may be wrong, but I understand from your tone who you're voting for. I can only tell you you have to take into account. Donald Trump has been president of the United States for 3.5 years, He's had an opportunity to correct the system. And he hasn't but no president would know President would do you understand the system is the system. But what about the Republicans? The Republicans in fighting? It's an embarrassing setback for

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