D&S Bonus- Mom and Dad are Fighting Again!


Salima ask you. Do you believe in UFO's astral projections mental telepathy? Esp, clairvoyance spirit, photography Tele Kinetic Movement, full trance mediums, the Loch Ness Monster and the nice guys on business. Three days a week. They're able to hold it together. This is not one of those days. Welcome to fuck. Guys. Not Apply no interviews, lots of ranting and they sometimes stumbled onto something useful. Go figure now. It's time for a nice guys. Kary with the kings of fuck ary themselves, Doug, Sandler and Strickland Bonner. A hit record. This is really upset. Now, it's not that I've got. It sounds like I'm upset. It's like you've you've kind of trained me. Okay, so let's just say for just for the sake of argument for just a moment. Let's just say I. Am A badger. Okay Adra you'RE A badger? I'm like a let's say I'm a I'm a a Badger and Badger is attracted to cheese. I don't know that the Badger attracted the cheese, but she's comes along during the course of my badgering. Cheese and I'm like when I see cheese I'm so excited because she's around. So I now have been told, hold on. There is cheese in front of you, but you're not allowed to get excited about cheese I don't want you to get excited right now I want you to. And till the controller of the cheese actually says it's time to get excited so I'm like my nature tells me well. It's cheese and I'm excited about cheese. No, no, no, you can't get excited about cheese. You can get excited when I say. It's time to get excited so I. See Cheese. Cheese during the course of my normal day and I and I go back to my first instinct is Oh my God. It's cheese. I'm so excited about cheese, and then I think I can't get excited about cheese. Because I've been told by. Get excited about cheese, I might jump I might. I might I might offend somebody or I might. It might be the wrong conclusion because it might not be cheese. It might just be a picture of Jesus. So. Seen a picture of Jeez. I'm all excited about cheese, but there are people. They tell me Oh. No, no, no, that's not really cheese. That's that's a picture of cheese and then I find out! It actually was cheese, and there was cheese there, and this was something that you should have been excited about because my nature tells me I should have been excited about cheese but I. don't know what's right now I don't know. Should I get excited about cheese with the prospect of it being cheese, but holding back on the understanding that I might not be realistic about my expectation that the cheese is really Jeez I. Just don't know so. Can you help me through that? How come back welcome. On the other side of microphones Sandler. And you all have no fucking idea what Doug is talking about because he just right in and by the way I. Think has a little bit of distortion. I don't even know that I don't WanNa. Say distortion. It's a unique perspective, but we have so much shit to get you I don't even know if I want to address that because I. Don't know that I want to go here. We got like twenty seven voicemails seems like. And other stuff that I wanted to talk about like Jj's episode of Spirit Permanent. Biology of belief. Dr Bruce Lipton. Asked everybody. Should I get JJ in here to discuss the episode? You want her as A. Matter to me. For those of you who are wondering what Douglas Talking about? We made it back next week, but we don't have time right now because we got way too much shit to do and. I just have one word potentially is two words in that is fireball. Fireball. Where do you WanNa? Go? What do you want to do I can let you lead the conversation this time. Damn, it just get get out your and chain and let me know what we're supposed to be doing. Here dominates me strickland. Twist. Where's Jenny Belgium when you need?

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