Historic Wildfires Devastate West Coast


Along the West Coast, prompting new evacuation warnings, causing hazardous air quality and straining firefighting resource is across the region. The weather is now helping. But NPR's Eric Westervelt reports of some two dozen people are confirmed dead in the fires and Oregon, Washington and California. Multiple small communities around Oregon's Cascade Mountains have been devastated by fire Governor Kate Brown says dozens of Oregonians are missing in California Nearly 15,000 firefighters are struggling to contain 28 major wildfires across the state. California Governor Gavin Newsom says the blazes show the severe and wide reaching effects of climate change. We're in the midst of a climate emergency. We're in the midst of a climate crisis. We are experiencing weather conditions the likes of which we've never experienced in our lifetime public health officials across parts of the Western U. S or warning residents to stay indoors. Seattle, Portland, Oregon in San Francisco currently have the poorest air quality in the world. Eric Westervelt. NPR NEWS. Newly

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