Day 1,331: Trump baselessly says Biden may be using drugs as nation remembers 9/11 - burst 09


Was a pardon campaign back during the Obama Administration but I had no point actually asked for pardon myself is tremendously gratifying to have this level of support. but as I said, my condition for return is simply a fair trial. Now, we didn't see the Obama Administration talking about part in this way and I think trump has commented again. Since then that he thought the treatment was very unfair could be and there's been a lot of speculation that come from this but there's been no contact I was surprised that everybody else to see this but it's very interesting to to see this president thinking about the pardoning will what a lot of people would consider. One of the big names in this new war on whistleblowers, and that's something that I think we should also foreseeing come to an end. So. No representative for you has done any outreach no representative for you or yourself have heard anything from the White House, the administration, any government types? No by Hooker Crook there's been nothing no no contact I anything like that. I. Think. If that were happening, you would be. Certainly, that we probably over the channels. Let's use plain English price for pardons appears to be lavish praise for this president. After the fact is that something

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