Case #60 Jeffrey Epstein

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Literally every time I just feel like I. Turn the microphone on and I just have to laugh. I mean, yeah, which is fine. I. Mean it is. Let's talk about the weather. In Minnesota I know I can't believe it. Then we're obviously being affected here with. Tropical storm. Rain. And lying he stuff I heard on the news today there was. I think they said twenty people died. My Gosh really, yeah. which is like a really it's really a Downer to start our podcast like. I know maybe we shouldn't let say we take it all back. Delete. We said he'd just we're real, downers. I. Swear. My Gosh. I don't know. So we're still in kind of quarantine. Grass still in quarantine. Still. Corona virus in. Either have had it. Thank goodness. Thank goodness. torpedoed. throwing stuff at US left and right I swear it's like a one two punch mean. More like a one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten minutes. Literally, just pleasures back-back just. Infinity. Is a true just when you start thinking okay. Things are really gonNA start calming down. Nope just getting there's something else, jk. There's dragons now. Not. Really, like we thought back to school was bad enough and then throw in some hurricanes Yup. Yeah. Yeah Just. Just. Keep the faith I. Guess. No but that's why I enjoy. Conspiracy true crime and paranormal stories. That I'm not thinking about the real world, which is crazier than all of these things. Which is kind of scary. I know right. Yeah So. I don't know what he say. Let's get into

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