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Drove 600 Miles up and down. The state never escaped. The smoke senator on ABC is this week. Listening to ABC News. Balance appears you're forewarned. Weather forecast meteorologist Cody Murphy and Foreign Storm Center after a day with a lot of heavy rainfall and flooding waters are now starting to receive your across sea approach a passable again tonight heading into the grand work week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Trending religion with dry by the end of the week, Thursday and Friday with left of Tropical Storm Sally will be in areas of Middle Tennessee, bringing a chance for a future body shower stabbing. Your wives don't have a single 90 degree day in the forecast. The next week hanging on the eighties through Friday. Welcome to Nash Vegas Cafe, a show about music city featuring the music and the people who make Nashville the music capital of the world. Everybody welcome outlook about feeling that's another edition. Hey, Joe. I hear some of that Bakersfield, California sound in there that good country music. John, It's my pleasure. Three years, three years from Southern California. Mount San

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