To thousands of deaths in nursing homes.


Say the virus and it's devastation is all President Trump's fall. You may remember that Mr Cuomo demanded that New York state nursing homes except elderly Cove. It patience and that colossally bad decision. Directly led to thousands of deaths in nursing homes. Therefore, how could Cove it be pinned on President Trump? It is a mystery of the universe. And then there's merry old England, which is not very merry at the moment. That's because Cove it has made a big comeback there. So much so that the British government has banned groups of more than six anywhere any time. Is that Prime Minister Johnson's fault? Anyone putting the virus blame on Boris who actually caught it? Then again, maybe the contagion of Europe is Trump's fall. And in Brazil, Australia. In Botswana. Yep. Trump is the super spreader. Just ask Andrew Cuomo. Who is incredibly shifting blame from his own terrible decision about the nursing homes. To the president of the United States who had nothing. To do with that.

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