1109 Purnachander Bikkasani: Effortless Work and Happy Living


That. I I'm am happy to have you here Perna and can you? WanNa back up and maybe start with a little bit of your story but I know you've told it so many times and I hate to have you just repeated so I don't want to ask you just tell me your story and why you're here but you're so inspirational in in that, you've led this this fabled life of of rags to riches, and then you go purposely back to the world of understanding what it is to bring people up out of the depths of poverty and stress and and and track challenge times what motivated jd even think about this is the next step in your in Your Life Purna. Well, they know as you can see, I, don't know exactly my bus today when it was, but I was born somewhere addendum the Second World War. And that's the time in India was also just gained independence the wave of freedom economic growth. There were very much strong in those times and particularly in my area, a lot of peasants were against landlords. So I was a kid I have no idea but all these political winds floating. But when it was about ten Levin I have deep sympathy in these rural religious where I see poor people and I was one among them anyway and I. Loved enormous empathy for anything that is suffering and humanity whether it is power t children and they used to be women used to suffer a lot in those years actually You know husbands in that culture at that time. Of course, not anymore have the full right on the wife to you know to force them do anything you beat them even we used to hear about women crying in a village I used to feel so pathetic when women Christ the children cry and all that stuff. So basically I come from a background. A cultural and a a a situation where everything was in change more India was independent world is changing and and in the were all. If you see whole last hundred years of history, the world has changed tremendously so much. So within the last one, hundred years equals to thousands of thousands of years of human growth and development. So inevitably that has inspired me I was used. To always in the school in the college in the medical school, as well as socially act to always concerned about people and how we can help them that was my empathy and passion lifelong. So from what I'm hearing, it sounded like there was probably some a time period that was your inspiration and oftentimes the period of time and and the instances in that moment create great inspiration for you to take action. But was there any individuals was that your parents that encouraged you were there teachers that encouraged you or mentors who encouraged you and inspired you to to to always look over your shoulder at that person that is having not as as good a time as you are to teach them and help them to to rise above. I had good Teacher who was a mentor? We still working with me a nonprofit ordination India. Now, after sixty years, he has come back to work with me for plotting organization. And as I mentioned that he was very, very instrumental in shaping may in many ways to stay positive think positive act positive two desperate adversities. And he had guided me through difficult times and situations, and of course, I had taken health from many many people.

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