Preventing Osteoporosis


Nutrition brought to you by nutritional weight and wellness. If you have ever bought a house like I recently did I heard my realtor say many times. This House has good bonds. I also heard my husband tell me I, think this house has really good bones. So that's what we want in a house. So Young. We. All want that type of framework in our homes, of course but we also want a sturdy framework in our own body and that's our skeleton. That is why today we WANNA to discuss what it takes to build and support strong bones and how to avoid osteoporosis, which is a porous bone I'm Melanie Beasley, and I'm a registered and licensed Dietitian and I can speak to osteoporosis both professionally, and personally because of my cancer journey and some of the treatments that were required I had compromised bones And personally this topic is very near and dear to be I've done a lot of research I'm very passionate about it. and I live a lifestyle that supports the rebuilding of my bones and joining me this morning is our co host is Brittany Vincent. He will look at this topic from the influence of hormones. and what the hormones influence and they have on our bones actually maintaining strong bones throughout your life is really complex and challenging task for many of us. It is so complex and if I have a question, you are my go to use a resident bone expert. Of those bones. Yeah. Absolutely agree with Melanie statement maintaining strong bonds throughout your life is so complex but it's challenging it's really challenging because there's you know a lot of pieces to the puzzle. So I wanNA share something that Dr Christiane Northrup wrote in Her New York Times Bestseller Women's bodies women's wisdom. She wrote postmenopausal osteoporosis is one of the most common and disabling diseases affecting women North America today she went on to say studies have shown a two to five percent loss in bone mass per year in women over a five year period during an after menopause. Sound really scary. But she further stated that a loss of bone and of it's inefficient. Self does not necessarily increase a woman's risk of fracture and I think that's that's very, very important. Is that loss of bone does not necessarily increase your risk of fracture Dr Northrop on continued with in bed of convincing all women with low bone density that their bones are at risk. Let's instead focus on what builds happy bones and what doesn't because a lot of people don't understand we can build bone back. Personally.

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