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Came from the epic novel by Edna Ferber. Lot of people recognize her from the from the novel Giant with great film with Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson and James Dean. Well giant was kind of the In a lot of ways, the origin story and the the heart story of Texas, you know, unvarnished, you know all the bark off and that's what Edna Ferber wrote and simmer on was the origin story in many ways, at least a modern Oklahoma so What a lot of folks back most of us don't realize is that not only was this a tough enough thing to do you had to come from somewhere. We didn't have much money. Most of the people that the pioneers were involved in these land runs were coming here because it had something they couldn't get anywhere else Free land, But it might have been free monetarily, but it wasn't free. To go out and get it in the elements to ride against thousands of people when their won enough land plots out there for near everybody. So there was no guarantee you would get any land. No guarantee it all wasn't like you would show up and get in a queue. You had to go out and ride for We'll talk about that a little bit more on the golden thread, but

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