Most California Schools Unlikely To Open In Fall Under New State Rules


Parents parents Mind Mind these these days. days. And And in in California California it's it's a a big big day day as as governor governor lays lays out out plans plans for for the the nation's nation's most most populous populous state. state. ABC ABC news news correspondent correspondent Alex Alex Stone Stone joins joins us us What's What's Governor Governor Gavin Gavin Newsom Newsom laying out today again like you know what's interesting, Raking up until now. The governor had not done any statewide mandate head through all of this. He said. He got the every individual school and district and county to figure out what they're going to Dio. But today, he said he needed to take some action because it was just kind of Ah, patchwork of things coming in. And as we talked about earlier this week, Orange County was talking about reopening schools, potentially with no mask mandate with no social distancing. So he said. He had to do it and what he's announcing here. Is it most A majority of California Children will not be going back to school at the beginning of the fall semester. He says that any of the counties that are right now it's 32 by tomorrow, he says. He looks like it'll be 33 or 34 counties that are on California's watch list that includes 80% Of California's population that Stella that's Orange County, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay area, most of it Stacker Menno. Those areas will not be allowed to reopen classrooms because their rates are just too high. But he says that there is going to be live instruction that that will be mandated every day. Not just where kids get assignments. But live instruction on tablets to our computers that mimic a classroom, he says, will be a must. Here's how he put it. We want daily live interaction with teachers and other students. Students connecting appear with other students, teachers. Connecting daily on an interactive frame to advance our distance. Learning upper Yeah, So, Rick, he says with the cove it 19 rates in California too high right down with Barber shop shut down again, and movie theaters and bars and everything else. Indoor malls, he says. With all of that, shut down. We can't send kids back into a classroom and teachers, many of whom are in the high risk category, back in as well, he says. In those right now 32 counties but growing it just is not possible and there will be no in classroom instructions. I know The concern has been by

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