155: When Can I Take the SAT Test?


Andrews your host and in this episode I'm going to answer. Many students question wondering. When can I take the sat tests so never before have I seen a group of students so anxious to sit for the exam. They've been studying. They've been getting prepared for it, but the sat and the act have just constantly been canceled. And you know students have questions such as should I plan to take the sat or the act? How can I take it if it's constantly cancel? And what does this mean for me applying to college? So all of this puts a big squeeze on their college planning timeline, and that's what I want to talk about today. So, the College Board has been saying that you know they're trying to do all they can to expand the availability of the sat at test centers, although schools have been closed, and there was no way to administer the sat in this spring. Even the act's have been canceled. In the most recent one in June was canceled and at the time of this recording the July is scheduled, but we don't know if it's going to happen or not. So you know the College Board and and the Act Organization are both very much committed to providing test either the sat test. The SAT subject tests. Or for the college are for the act or the act test. So what the sat with the College Board and they administer the sat what they've committed to do. Starting in August because there will be no more spring dates. They've just scrap those spring dates, but they made the commitment to. Include an additional test date so in the past the state starting with the academic year would have just been August. October November in December. However going to have in August. September October November and December. So that's five chances back to back now. With a good plan, your student May need only one maybe two of those tests, so they can get their applications in but it's good to know that they're really working to provide as many opportunities for rising seniors, and a rising senior would be a student who is in the class of twenty twenty one, so they're coming out of their junior year. It's now summertime and they are going into their senior year so basically they're seniors. So. What had happened You know they were hoping for an at home. Option much like the AP exams. In the spring the College Board did you make that commitment or that decision? Not necessarily a commitment, but the decision to offer an at home option so that students could have test score to submit for schools in the fall however. After Minister, administering the at home AP exam, and gathering more data and understanding. You know what it was like over the last few weeks, they decided to delay an at home digital option. An only offer the SAT. If a school building is open, that would be that would allow them to administer it on a weekend. Now we see that the A C T organization did cancel most of their June tests. There were very few June tests, and there may be some July test at the time of this recording. and so the we can kind of anticipate the College Board moving in that direction as well and what I mean by. That is really. Their commitment to offer the test in August September October, November and December now it will be very different you know. Desks will probably be further apart. To allow for social distancing masks may be worn so it's going to be a very different kind of test administration. But. It looks like they're moving in that direction. So this is what I want families to know. Be Prepared for that, August test eight that September and then maybe the october-november, if the student needs to bump their score up a little bit, and they've also made the commitment that they may add a January twenty twenty one. If there's a demand for it, so they're really working hard to give families and students, many reasons although many schools have gone or have made the commitment to go test optional so in two weeks I'm going to talk about what test optional emissions is what it's not so students really have an understanding. Families really understand what test optional admissions is. Because it's really important to understand that and why your students should be prepping for the test. If it's being offered in your area, so we'll talk about that into weeks. So, knowing that these other test dates are on the schedule with both organizations. What should your student do next well? When enrollment opens when the registration opens for the SAT. They need to get on that list. They need to go ahead and register. At this time. You cannot register for the August has date, but when it opens for those upcoming fall dates. Go ahead and have your student add the sat and the act to your schedule. Make it a priority. It's really important that you're a student prepares to for both test because we we don't know at this point, which one will happen, which one won't and if both may happen? You know that gives them several options to test. Okay so they should be prepared to take both tests both the sat and the act. If they were scheduled for tests that was

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