Mike Tyson to return to boxing in exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr.


We got tails, son and on the line with us is good to see some young up and comers. I gotta ask you even in the boxing space. It was revealed today that Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Junior are going to be having an exhibition about in a few months for charity. What are your thoughts on seeing them back in the ring? Well, if by charity we mean Mike Tyson's bank account, and Roy Jones, his bank account, don't don't get fooled by. These guys aren't going out there to be nice. I love that fight. I can't believe he stepping in there with Roy. That's a hard night out. Let's see what happens. But I know that Mike is getting very good training. He's with guiding happy all. Cordero, who came over from Brazil did such a great job even was nominated Coach of the year in the M M a space But he's a hand coach and sort of everything else. He's striking Coach Mike Very good hands and whatever the promoter is, I mean shame on him. Shame. Shame one. Whoever the promoter is trying to come out of pretended for charity. This is for profit. Say what it is. There's no problem that will be a liar. Also you well, I'm going to talk to Roy Jones. Junior in a couple of days. You should I relay the message? I mean, come on Share. What do you want? Sure. I know Roy. Roy is not going to lie about it. This is for profit. You're not getting in there with Mike Tyson. I work with either There was some money on the line. So active. So what's were cherry? That woman? What a joke. I'm just supported that, you know, and all truth. I mean, they're pretending this is for charity. Shame on them. It's not Mike Tyson was very upfront. He says the 1st 1 to the table with a $1,000,000. Get me to sign a contract. Somebody came with a $1,000,000. You signed the contract. Pretend it's for charity. What, Sam? That's that's disgusting.

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