Fizz Fizz, with Fantastic History of Food


Medicine men even published their own version of the farmer's ALMANAC with handy information about whether in crops and animals, and of course lots and lots of their ads. And the things they would write those ads. Swims. Panacea purportedly cured all belette diseases, including scruffy La chronic rheumatism ulcers, old sores boils and car bungles, diseases of the spines and wasting smedley Chili paste cured SCIATICA, rheumatism, sore throat Lumbago gouty pains and bronchitis among other things. Halls coca wine was invaluable for cases of influenza, sleeplessness, anemia and mental fatigue. And Lydia Penguins Vegetable compound seems to be able to cure women of anything, not just female troubles. Apparently, it was a curable, but only for half of the population. I've got to read you. One of their ads Lydia e Pinkham Vegetable compound is positive cure for all those painful complaints and weaknesses so common to our best female population, it will cure entirely the worst form of female complaints, all very troubles, inflammation and ulceration, fallings and displacements, and the consequent spinal weakness, and is particularly adapted to the change of life it will dissolve and expelled tumors from the uterus in an early stage of development, the tendency to cancerous humors. There is checked very speedily by its use. It removes maintenace flatulence. He destroys all creating stimulants and relieves weakness the stomach it cures, bloating headaches, nervous, prostration, general debility, sleeplessness, depression, and indigestion that feeling of bearing down causing pain, wait and backache is always permanently cured by its use it will at all times, and under all circumstances act in harmony with the laws that governed the female system. For the cure of kidney complaints of either sex. This compound is unsurpassed. It goes onto also plug. No Family should be without Lydia Pink Liver Pills, they cure constipation, billion and torpedo of the liver. Good stuff! So, what was in these bottles of snake oil? Very rarely oil of snake, which is hard to source. Ingredients ranged from benign but unhelpful like tincture of mallow route to. A dangerous. Many patent medicines contained significant levels of alcohol opium, morphine, cocaine, basically anything that would make the end user good, so they think it was working the fact that many of these medicines were made with highly addictive drugs was probably good for repeat business as well. While patent medicines were hot sellers. They weren't without their detractors. In nineteen o five and nineteen, six Collier's magazine ran a series of. Articles by Samuel Hopkins Adams entitled the Great American fraud which exposed many of the deceitful and unsafe methods practiced by patent medicine manufacturers. Exposes like these and other grassroots efforts helped bring about the first federal, food and Drug Act in Nineteen, oh six. Now drug labeling had to include a list of ingredients not. Of them just certain concerning things like heroin, chloroform, cannabis and of course alcohol. And Manufacturers were prohibited from making unproven and unprovable claims. Cocaine wouldn't be banned from freely available patent medicines until nineteen o nine. The Classic Sodas. We know and love. Today got their start as patent medicines. Before? We addressed the to soda elephants in the room. The brands so big that apparently they had a war in the nineteen eighties, which I was less aware of than our impending war with Russia which never came to pass, but did give us a glut of heavily accented movie villains,

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