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In this episode, we will discuss the recently released Mac Os. Catalina ten point fifteen point six update which introduces local news audio features in the Apple News along with improving the security and reliability of your Mac. This update, which is now available for downloading introduces several new features for Apple News and Apple News plus including audio stories of some of the most read feature stories from Apple News plus a daily audio news briefing hosted by Apple News Editors and curated local news collections, beginning in five cities and regions and expanding to more areas in the future. Apple News is also adding more top local and regional news outlets for readers and subscribers including the Charlotte Observer, the Miami Herald and the news in observer, which is located in Raleigh. North Carolina. Lauren Kern editor in chief of Apple News said the following about the new features. Apple News showcases so much great journalism and we're excited to help bring it to life in new ways with Apple News. Plus audio stories and a new Daily News Show Apple News today. We also greatly value are many local news. Partners are new local news feature highlights work for readers who live and are interested in those communities finished Kern. Let's delve deeper into some of the new features. Apple announced including Apple News plus audio stories. Beginning with the update Apple News will produce about twenty audio stories a week across a wide range of interests. Narrated by professional voice actors these are audio versions of some of the best feature reporting and long form pieces published by esquire essence. Fast Company G Q New York magazine sports illustrated. Time Vanity Fair Vo wired and more and newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal audio stories are now available to Apple News plus subscribers in the US. Apple News plus is available in the US for nine dollars ninety nine cents. And for International Listeners Canada for twelve, ninety nine a month, the UK for nine, ninety, nine, a month and Australia for fourteen, ninety nine a month. Customers can sign up for a free one-month trial in the plan automatically renews after the trial and. Through family. Sharing up to six family members can share one apple, news plus subscription. I use family sharing, and for some. It's a great bargain. Next features are to apple news today with Apple. News today, a daily audio news briefing Apple News Editors and Co host guide listeners to some of the most fascinating stories in the news, and how the world's best journalists are covering them. Apple News today is free to all listeners available mornings Monday through Friday directly in the news APP in the US and apple podcasts. Productivity is a huge interest to me, and this is another way to learn the topics of the day. I am preparing for work or listening throughout the day. Audience Stories and Apple News. Today can both be found in a newly added audio tab located at the bottom of the news app where listeners can manage their Q. and get personalized recommendations both new audio features are available I. Phone, Ipod, touch and carplay. Apple Awful introduced support for the news APP in Carplay, so users can listen to audio stories and Apple News today while driving. Users will be able to sink listening progress across devices start listening to an audio story with carplay from your iphone and pick up listening to a reading it later at home. Also new is curated local news apple news introduced a new curated local news experience, currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area Houston Los Angeles New York and San Francisco featuring a variety of content from a diverse collection of local publishers, including a major newspaper in each city and region. Local news collections and Apple News include coverage of topics most important to local communities, such a sports dining and restaurants whether news and politics and more with curation by local apple news editors as well as personalization for each user. There is now even more local news apple news recently added even more top, local and regional newspapers. Do the Apple News plus catalog! A subscription to Apple News, plus in the US now includes access to the Charlotte Observer, the Idaho Statesman, the Kansas City Star the Miami, herald the news and observer and the state from Columbia South Carolina in Canada. Leading french-language newspaper lay divorce is now available to Apple News plus subscribers and the Globe and Mail. One of the country's most prestigious national newspapers will be available to subscribers later this summer. Apple News draws over one hundred and twenty, five million monthly active users in the US the UK, Australia and Canada and has revolutionized people excess news from all their favorite sources. Apple News is available for free in the US the UK Australia and Canada an IPHONE IPAD and MAC devices. Apple News plus is a single subscription with the prices previously mentioned earlier, which additionally provides access to written an audio content from hundreds of the world's top magazines and major newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times the wall. Street Journal as well as many local and regional newspapers, including the Houston. Chronicle and the San Francisco Chronicle. There were also several bug fixes in this update. So I would encourage you to update as soon as possible. If MAC minutes can help you with your tech. Please get a hold of me and I can answer them in a future episode. The maquis minutes web page is located online and MAC minutes dot be. L. U. B. R. Y. Dot net. Other places are twitter minutes underscore MAC and facebook at MAC minutes. So that's all we have for Mac men's for this week. I urge you to join the MAC minutes podcast group on facebook where I post articles from the top tech journalist people could discuss topics post articles joint special events in great tech happenings. All the MAC minutes listeners out there out all of you and your loved winter wealth and I look forward to seeing you next week. Thank you again for listening and Mac minutes is available on apple podcasts. spotify I heart, radio, cast box, Caesar and many other of your favorite podcasts yours take care of yourself during the upcoming week and we'll see you soon and the MAC minutes podcast.

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