Episode 11 - Mad as Hell!!! - burst 4


Multiple users declared that blue lives down exists while others posted laughing Modise. Messages such as fuck your dead ditty. That's a sixteen year old girl. Who just lost her father? And yet we have such disgusting vile individuals. Who are protesting the very ones that protect them? That they are so willing. To degrade into main a sixteen year old girl who just lost her father. You say blue lives don't matter. Black lives, matter. You say all lives don't matter. I'm sick of it. I'm done with it. Every life matters! And you want to change the narrative and you want to say well. You just don't want to talk about systemic racism in America. I'm willing to talk about it all day long, but you're not going to sit here until me that every white person. Is Privileged. You'RE NOT GONNA. Sit here and tell me that every cop is bad. When this whole fund the police started, he was about white cops killing black cops. This right here was a Hispanic cop who didn't even have a chance to defend himself. He and his partner Hispanic Austin ambushed. Lola's. You Bunch of Lola's won't to go out and pick a fight with a sixteen year old daughter. Have Dairy. Hal Dare you. We are time now in this country I don't know. Wear? We Begin. Because it is apparent, there's so much hatred. There is so much hatred coming from these radicals. WanNa defend the police. that. Discussion cannot be had. Is there a problem with the criminal justice system the United, states of America today absolutely. Just about every law enforcement officer I know would tell you that. There are so many laws on the books. We don't even know all the laws. Laws constantly override. Other laws cut loud constantly. Conflict with other laws. You walk into a law library it. It's basically four floor detailing wall-to-wall books of law. Is Their problem with mandatory sentencing. In the United States asks the Damn. Lewdly is their problem problem with private prison systems in the united. States Absa Damn lutely. But here's the thing. quit going after your local cops who protect you. They are enforcing the law. They don't make it. In there, certainly not the judge of it. You're to make changes in America start by changing the laws. Had He do that? If you WANNA change it. Get the right

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