Civil rights icon John Lewis remembered in Atlanta


John Lewis, the civil rights icon and George representative died Friday at the age of 80. Pancreatic cancer. His brother Grant Lewis spoke about the lost today on behalf of the family. He fought until the very end. That was my big brother. He was a fighter with a tenacious spirit. But he was also gracious and kind hearted. How to keep the legacy alive. For John Lewis, This is Chris Camp. Is there a place for John Lewis in National Statuary Hall in the U. S Capitol. Every state has two statues. Georgia has Dr Crawford Long and Alexander Stephens, the vice president of the Confederacy, who once promised that the cornerstone of the Confederacy would be white supremacy. Has been a moving the Legislature have Stevens removed. removed. The The Georgia Georgia House House speaker speaker David David Ralston Ralston likes likes the the idea idea of of a a John John Lewis Lewis statue, statue, telling telling The The Atlanta Atlanta Journal Journal Constitution. Constitution. Our Our state's state's history history is is more more than than just just the the civil civil War. Chris Camp, 95.5 86 degrees

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