Anthony Fauci to Teachers: You'll Be 'Part of the Experiment' in Reopening Schools


Deaths in the U. S. Now top 150,000 a grim milestone in a summer that seemed a pandemic surge across the South and West. CBS News National correspondent David Beg No California, Texas and Florida recorded single day highs for new Corona virus deaths, and so did North Carolina. Mike Pence, visited that state Wednesday with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. There's not a national superintendent. Therefore, there's not a national plan for reopening. So with no national plan, local leaders in viral epicenters like Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Houston are planning to delay in person. I'm learning a dilator this year. But some parents say distance learning is just too challenging. Sydney bursts of Lexington, Kentucky, is a single mom balancing work and at home teaching. I need to outsource other educational options just to make sure that my child is learning listen to what Dr Anthony Fauci told the president of the nation's largest teachers. Unions are gonna be actually part of the experiment. We don't have the total database of knowing what there is to expand after a

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