Coronavirus Q&A: Running Outside and Petting Dogs

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Let's get to the questions. We got so many from our list. We picked a few and show them to you. So we're going to have you answer them right now and provide color commentary throughout you. Sure. All right first question? What's the deal with running? I've heard inflicting things. What's the likelihood of? It means bread of someone runs past me okay. So this question makes total sense to me because I think there were some scary kind of initial studies around this. Man where it says runners could spread it for twenty feet and they were these vectors but that was kind of mildly debunked. Yeah. It was kind of dismissed them and there are parts of it that made sense but it wasn't considered to be like actually a real world scenario that was tested and it's really hard test that so. When I think about running, of course, it depends on what space you're in, right. So outside in fresh air going to have a lower risk if you're somebody if you wearing a mask if that person's wearing a mask, all of those things kind of factor in and as best we can tell Sam as a you know a somewhat general rule. The majority of transmission happens in close indoor situations where you're spending a good bit of time together. That is why it is absolutely essential to be wearing a mask especially inside it doesn't mean that there's no risk if you're outside and there's only a brief encounter but it's reduced. Running and you pass somebody for a second. I'm not super worried about that situation now they cough and sneeze, and you just slam right into it. Say I'm that's a different scenario. Go Home, wash your face, wash your hands but the you know the experts that I'm talking to are not super worried about that situation art follow up question for you on this topic as a runner. I have heard mixed messaging about wearing a mask. When you run some folks say well, you're outside you're moving fast, just dodge even stay away from people others are like you have to have it on all the time when I've done both. But when I've tried to run with a mask on my entire five miles I ended up with the wet mask and it's like I'm waterboarding myself. Yeah absolutely I mean, of course, wearing a mask if you can is a good situation and if you're in a really really busy city and you can't get away from people if you're like constantly dodging people I actually do think it's probably a good idea. But if you're in an area where it's a little bit more open, I would say it's probably okay not to wear a mask when you're running A. Anytime, you have the choice between them a mask is going to be a safer bet but if you can get up really early before somebody's out there or go somewhere else in and it's you know like either I'm not gonNA run or I'm gonNA run without a mask. Then I think that's a decision you have to make. So you're saying we should be doing three am runs in cemeteries. Sam Stop. Phone. It in get up at three am and got it done. Get it done. Get it done. Yes. Next. Question from a listener about animals can I say hi to other people's Dogs Oh yeah, Samson is this question for Melissa is this question? This question is from Sanders. From. My Heart. And make sure they're OK. Okay. So I looked this up because I wasn't sure and the CDC has weirdly complicated guidance on this. So really some pets like dogs or cats have caught Kovic from humans, but the CDC says the risk of dogs than giving Cova to people is considered low like there's no evidence that you can get it from the for or the hair of other pets. But one of those owners that kisses your dog on the mound, I was just about to say. But this because the CDC still says, you should not interact with dogs outside their household. So I'm like man I guess the CDC is worried about people getting pet saliva in their mouths, but you shouldn't be mcing on somebody else's dog anyway Sam. If you see a dog and the dog is really really really cute. Oh my God you part of the Kids Sam Palmer's the kiss I cannot miss the kids you are. You're going to have to definitely miss the kiss for a while so but so but I will say, honestly, you know briefly a dog has come up to me and the dog park it's onerous faraway I pet it. I'll say I have pet but the. Official guidance lead those dogs alone. Sam. Understood understood.

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