Rebellion with Sophia Cleary and special guest Karen Hawkins


I'm a feminist. And I think part of that is being as resilient as your body would allow it anytime I'm kind of building strengthened. That oversees relative to each individual, but I want to be the kind of person had to be like. No I'm a feminist, and if suddenly revolution needed to take place. I would go the distance as much as my body would allow. But last night. It was my first night in Chicago. And it was so cold. That in my ten minute, walk back to the hotel from a yoga class. I stopped at a theater where a crowd of people were going into C-. Mean goals. And bought a ticket just to get inside in the war. The five minute mark I caved. It was so cold I couldn't feel my face. I was like what is this temperature? I swapped. It's not snowing here, but it was an ice wall in my face. And I couldn't upset like they call it the windy city that with gangsters I don't really. Know Wind! It's actually it's wins. Windows with an legend or something? It's wind in your. It's like an ice sheet and your face. I went to see a full length musical. Out of the cold for two hours. Talk. A little concerned because I went, and it was mean girls and I was nine. The thing is when y'all touring alone so either I'm talking to five hundred people on pretty. Those are my two states. So I went into mean goals alone I suddenly had the program, and I was like Oh my God. This is a literal you concert with us. But I sat down to a calendar mom. And then when the musical star the cut came up, he moved up a seat. He literally moved away from me. And he's. Pink Tall I was like this upsetting. That would upset me I. got into the music it was it was fine. It was it was a very good musical. It was very fetch. Aren't even go him. So. I recommend it okay. I'm a feminist, but I routinely canceled plans with my queer chosen family so that I can catch up on the bachelor. So sorry, but I need to know Peter Season anyone watching any. Yeah, okay, Wow! It is truly truly shocking. It's pretty good. It's pretty good. The bachelorette who rejected the now bachelor came back. She's like. She's like trying to get him right now and. She is not gonNA. Get in, but. I don't know we'll see. We'll see I'm a feminist, but I met a man Chicago today. Who told me he worked in risk analysis and I said. I already. Know I can't understand what you do and you haven't even explained it yet.

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