New York Mayor De Blasio Urges Court System To Fully Reopen, Cites ‘Huge Backlog’ In Violent Crimes


There. De Blasio blames the surge in violent crime on a perfect storm of causes. But he does not hesitate to point to a backlog of violent crime cases in the courts. As one of the chief reasons our criminal justice system needs to get back to full strength, our courts not only need to reopen they need reopen fully as quickly as Possible. To that end, the mayor has sent a letter to the chief judge into the district attorneys of the five boroughs, offering to help in any way that he can buttressing the mayor's case. Police Commissioner Dermot Shea put the situation in mortgage graphic terms. We have 4100 gun cases just in the last two years that are still open. Half of them indicted and on most all of them walking around next to you and me every day on the street and the commissioner declared. In this environment, the criminal justice system is just not working, adding it's playing for anyone to

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