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Hand? How many of you would call all your friends up on your cell phone or text them tell them to come over go to your bathroom, put on a negligee and say watch me take a picture. Nobody would raise their fully not many. No nobody would raise their hand, but it's everybody. Does it I know. And I can't imagine how much money they're getting for that I'd. Strange and interesting world. Yeah. But it's it's very odd. The lengths that people will go to to attract attention is all based on that myth. The fact that attention automatically translates into money. I watched somebody asked Gary v this question on facebook live or something here a few months ago, and he's like dude, I'm creating on this content on this stuff and it just the money's not coming in his like. Well, what are you offering? Do you have anything for sale is like? Well No. I. I'm like I I'm trying to look for sponsors and stuff. He's like okay. All right. So then he backtrack and tell them seven different things to do because there's just the ideas there. You know attention equal sales and and if you don't have that in between thing now, you can fill that in gap in a couple of ways you can fill it with sales skills, right? You just get people on the phone or get people in messages and sell them. You can. You can fill that gap with speaking skills. Right. You can go on stage and you can speak from stage and you can sell. But. Neither of those things are super scalable, right they. They're both very, very time dependent. So the idea with micro famous is rather than trying to fill that gap between attention and sales with more stuff. You have to do fill it with content that strategic because then it builds your influence in the influence is what closes that gap and sales and isn't. Isn't dependent on you speaking more. It is independent on you going to more networking events and isn't dependent on you getting more and more and more people on sales calls only for ninety of them. Not Be a good fit because that's a that's just again, it all goes back to the introduction the book, Do you want a messy complex? You know complex? Business, do you want it to be simple, profitable and rewarding? Right

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